Saturday, July 9, 2011

meet my new art journal

I started a new art journal last night, as I had filled up my first one.
It's a Strathmore Visual Journal with 44 pages of 140 pound cold press watercolor paper.
The weight of the paper and the coil binding make it quite different from my 1st journal.
The journal is 5.5" x 8" and when you take the outer paper cover off, 
it looks like you see below.
I am sure I will add to this plain cover before I am done with it!

 I started with a rubber stamp by River City Rubber Works and a permanent StazOn ink pad.
That way, I could work with my watercolor crayons and not worry about bleeding.
Above and below are photos taken when my page was wet. I stamped the rubber stamp with the permanent ink  and then drew a rainbow of colors around the stamp. I used my Niji water brush to activate the colors. The hardest part was not muddying the colors -that is why you see all those brush strokes of color next to the brown cover, in the photo above! Then I took a Marvy Metallic Gold marker and splattered it on the page. To do this I get the ink flowing liberally and then tap the marker against my finger -it is not very controlled. This metallic marker is different from most. It holds water-based pigment ink in it's barrel which melds with the watercolor when wet.
Below is the entire page, taken this morning when it was dry.
I like how it settled down overnight! 
 I added a little journaling to the inside cover and I'm off!
Click on any photo for a better view.
This journal will definitely feel different as I work with the page weight, type of paper and the separation in the middle when I go to a spread of pages . . . . but I am excited to try! I loved my moleskine journal but I did so much mixed media, including shells, fabric, different papers and thicker objects that it is literally bursting out if its seams. We'll see how this journal does for me. Thanks for visiting, your interest is appreciated!
 ; ^ ) lenna


  1. Such fun trying a new journal. Your first page turned out beautifully. Your 'circle' has great depth. Love the quote. You are off to a great beginning. Enjoy the journey .. I will be following along. xxDonna

  2. I've wondered about these journals - I'm not sure they do them in the UK. I'm interested to see how you get on with it. I know what you mean about the middle separation, I like my pages to flow into one another, but it'll be interesting to see how you overcome this.

    Love your first page - the sentiment is great. Don't you find that your harshest critic is yourself, though?


  3. You are so right Joanna, I am my own worst critic. I think I was actually putting that in there at the start of this new journal to remind myself!!

    We shall see what this journal is like . . . I think at the moment that it will have its advantages -- and disadvantages, but none the less I will enjoy it and perhaps further figure out what kind of journal I want to work in . . . thanks as always for visiting!

  4. It looks like a great place to continue your art journal adventures, Lenna and that quote is a good start for it. Looking forward to enjoying the journey with you as you start to fill this journal just like you did the last one, full of treasure.

  5. Great first page in your new journal! Looking forward to seeing what else you create in it.

  6. I love the first page in your new journal Lenna. I have that same Strathmore journal and I really like it. I can't wait to see more!

  7. This will be another treasure, for sure! I love your 1st page, very inspiring!

  8. It's always exciting to begin a new project. Good luck!

  9. I think your new journal will take time getting used too considering how familiar you became with your previous one. But learning through that will be an amazing experience. Have fun!!!!



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