Monday, July 18, 2011

'I am' journal page

{ art journal July 17 }

My friend Frieda really gave me this idea for my journal page above . . . when discussing in email the ATCs she made for my August swap, she told me, "I wrote a whole foolscap page filled with I am ideas and I'm sure I will be referring back to that in times to come." That got me to thinking . . .  I had been entertaining a few ideas in my head -- "I am" statements I was brainstorming for doing the swap ATCs myself, but I had not written anything down yet. The idea of writing the ideas down stayed with me, because that is exactly what I did in my journal today! I started by painting the page with a watered down mixture of halo pink gold Lumiere, the same paint I have sprayed and sloshed on previous pages. It is in a spray bottle which has stopped working, so I take a brush, dribble or whatever means I can find to get the paint out and on the page!

I started like this and then added a little more paint. The gold you see is part of the Lumiere paint. I was pretty messy and even got some of this paint on previous pages . . . but I think this is okay. The watercolor paper in this journal is fantastic for this.

Then I started writing. And writing!
It was not too hard to come up with numerous ways to describe how I am.

I will choose a few of these that I like the best and feel I can illustrate to create my ATCs.
This was an extremely different kind of art journal page for me -never before attempted!! 
Thanks for accompanying me on this journey. 
I just found out that Frieda has been inspired by me to start an art journal too!
wow. You can read about it here!!
: ^ ) lenna


  1. I really like this page, Lenna!

  2. Lenna, I just love following your work with your art journal. Infact, this has made me want to start off a similar journey, but I really don't know where to start, what kind of book to use etc. If you have any tips I'd be really thankful.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Hugs, Gunvor

  3. Such a wonderful idea. Makes for some interesting answers does it not?! ... and good fodder for your ATC's. I keep forgetting to mention how much I love your new header. hugs, Donna

  4. The simplicity of these pages seems to have the effect of laying your words bare for all to see, with few distractions. This is particularly appropriate for your wish to say who you are - like you're saying 'this is me, no bells, no ribbons, just me'. I think I've made sense!

    This was a really interesting exercise and has produced a very thought provoking spread.


  5. I am a lover of pink! Great page! I'll have to buy that paint because it is so pretty!

  6. Gunvor, Thanks for commenting! It is wonderful to know you have been reading and enjoying.
    As far as what book to use, it is probably a personal choice depending on what you are going to be doing. I like journals with watercolor paper or sturdy, heavier paper like I had in the hard cover moleskine journal i used. Hmmm, I think perhaps I should write a short post with tips aboout starting -I'll be back with more!
    : ) lenna

  7. I am not ORGANIZED! I wish I was.

  8. Love this! Love your pink background and your honest approach to who you are. Very cool. jane

  9. It's great to hear my page inspired you to write yours, Lenna, and quite a few of the words on both pages are the same! Are you surprised? I wasn't but it did make me happy!
    And of course you continually inspire me too, just read my blog for today!

  10. Oh Lenna.... I do love all of your pages they continue to inspire me. This one is especially wonderful in its simplicity yet depth. Thank you as always for sharing yourself with us.

  11. Can I say: AWESOME! What a great idea, using art journaling for making lists for future artsy ideas! I love making lists, this is an inspiration for when I'm "stuck" with what to "art journal" about. lol

    Go Frieda for providing that inspiration, she is so great!



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