Friday, July 8, 2011

Green Paper July Collage challenge

Here is my response to Mary Green's collage challenge on her blog, Green Paper.
Mary provides 3 images and you have to use part of them in your collage.

I did my collage in a small moleskine journal that I had used in the past for Mary's classes and challenges. I like being provided with images and then being asked to see what I can come up with - creatively - in response! In this case, with Miss Helen Pritkin and the tickets that were included, I dreamed that she was wishing and hoping and wondering who she was going to use those tickets to the dance with! Those word stamps I used are journal prompt stamps designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and available at Stamping Bella-there are 20 words in the set. This was a great creative exercise for me. Mary Green does this challenge at the beginning of each month. I hope you will join us next month! In the meantime, you can check out all the challenge entries here on Green Paper.

: ^ ) lenna 


  1. Oh, I do think Miss Helen Pitkin is lovely. I hopes she gets here wishes in the dance department. xxDonna

  2. I love the pretty background of your collage and the stamped words are great!

  3. I like it... so soft, pretty, hopeful.

  4. This spread is lovely! Did you overprint the roses and Miss Pitkin into the patterned paper? The colors are lovely.

  5. Great spread, perfect words for dear Miss Pitkin!

    I ran out of time to join in this month :o(


  6. yes, Mary! I forgot to say, I printed Miss Helen and the Roses from January on to a section of soft salmon colored scrapbook paper with white text. Then I also used some extra of that paper under the image of miss Helen so they meld together. I was glad I could squeeze this challenge in. ; ^ ) lenna

  7. Wishing, hoping, wondering, these are great words to accompany your lovely spread.

  8. Beautiful! What a creative use of the images.



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