Sunday, July 10, 2011

fish in a stream

{ art journal July 9 + 10 }
As I started my first full spread in this new art journal I had an idea in mind that I wanted to try some of the images in a new collection Mary Green is offering. The images you see in my journal spread are from a huge collection of downloadable images. Go to Green Paper packages and chose: Baby's Bouquet Children's Music Book Images to see them all. This is where the images I added to my journal are from! You can see the two I chose below. Click for more detail. I think they are so beautiful and so interesting!
I added color to the page with Dye-na-Flow . . .
 it is nice have watercolor paper to work on directly if I wish.
I sprayed a bit of Perfect Pearls Mist on the page to start . . .
Then I added more of the PP mist (you can see the sheen a bit here) and some various bits of abalone shells I had gathered earlier that day. I used E6000-Goop Glue to attach them; it is very heavy duty glue and good for things like this.
The sheen on the page mimics the sheen on the shells, I like that. It was probably what motivated me to combine using the perfect pearls mist & the shells.
All of this artwork was done on the 9th of July.
On the 10th, I added some rubber stamping with StazOn black permanent ink of fish! I stamped 2 different fish, one multiple times, traveling in 2 different directions across the page spread. Both images are from Fred Mullet. I have had them a long time, but I think they are still available, his website still looks good. Yes! I found some of his fish and if you like them, a direct link is here.
Stamping the fish made me think about words and what would work well with this spread. I came up with, "Just like fish in a stream . . . trying to make our way." This worked for me, so I practiced on scrap paper, then tried to plan the word placement with my eye just a bit, and then I jumped in and wrote directly on the page.

Another day with some art made -that's a good day in my book. 

I love that this journal can lie flat, I love the sturdy watercolor paper, but I do not love the separation in the middle!!! I am going to continue in here though and give it a good try. It's okay, but I like the feeling of a connected spread better, one with no wire binding rings separating the 2 pages. I will either try to make them connect more like I did here with the words running across both pages or perhaps I will do a series of single pages?? We shall see. 

Question? What is your favorite art journal and what kind of work do you do inside it? Collage? Sketch? Paint? design ideas? mixed media? I would love to know. Art journaling is a new thing for me. My first foray was the Sketchbook Project 2011 - and Art Journal Every Day starting May 1st, was and is only my second!  

happy and creative day, lenna 


  1. Hi! I really like how you spray and stamp on your images. Great pages...I've been viewing Art Journal Everyday photos of work...Nice to 'meet' you! ~kathy

  2. Lenna, if you don't like the white 'gap' in the middle of your spread, you can easily fill it in (either beforehand OR after you do your spread) with watercolors - or even ink, of course. Just get a paintbrush that will easily fit between and around the spiral wire (even a 1" foam brush is great for this - you won't mess up any bristles/hairs and they're on sale for 14 for $1 this week at Michaels!) and dib/dab/jib/jab around that pesky spiral binding and you will knock out that big white space and I think you will be pleased with the result!

  3. Thank you, Lori Lee! I had forgotten about that trick . . . . I am definitely going to try doing that. I think I still won't be satisfied with those wires smack in the middle, but it will help, for sure. Thank you!!!
    ; ^ ) Lenna

  4. Like you, Lenna, I like the flatness of spiral journals and the ease of flipping through pages, but not working across the wire. My solution was to take the pages off the wire and temporarily substitute several book rings. I remove the pages to work on them. When I have finished a journal, I put the pages back on the spiral.

    I enjoy looking at your pages.

  5. Maricella, thank you! I had not thought of that. I am beginning to think I should perhaps change my tactics and treat them like single pages . . . we'll see!!

  6. Dear Lenna,
    I have not been much around while Mathilde was here, but now I`m back to enjoy all the wonderful things and experiments you are doing.Those spreads using Mary`s images, are gorgeusly looking.

  7. I love your recent spread. Beautiful. Fred mullet stamps are so great and the illustrations are beautiful. When I'm doing an art journal I have always worked in a high quality spiral sketch book with a good quality paper which will take paint I have always done what Lori Lee is speaking about - fill in the gap with paint. It worked for me and the spiral rings never really bothered me, because I was so happy with the quality of the paper and the fact the book would lie open completely flat. I think it will take some getting used to, especially because you have been working in a journal without a 'divide'. Take your time, experiment, you will find what works for YOU .. and of course that's what Art Journaling is all about. si? Treating a page as a separate entity is fun as well - you may want to experiment with a combination of both types of spreads. Anyway, what you are doing is wonderful .. enjoy! hugs, Donna

  8. gorgeous, inspiring art lenna... thank you much for sharing! :)

  9. Love the way you've added the shells, Lenna, specially the fact that you had collected them on the day but like you I too don't like that bit of white you get underneath the rings in journals like this and you never can reach far enough to get rid of it. On the other hand I hate having to prep with gesso as I like to jump right in when the moment seems right!

  10. Wow. Just wow...I LOVED seeing your process making this spread. I'm with you on spiral journals lying flat so easy to work with!

  11. My favourite journals are never my own but there are a few pages I like, usually very heavy textural pieces which would benefit from a canvas board rather then paper but maybe I shall do that properly one day.

    I have a question for you :) I get really impatient waiting for work to dry and when I'm in a creative mood having to stop drives me crazy so I've started using two journals so I can work in the other whilst the other dries. How do you get around this? Do you just plan it around your day so you don't mind leaving it? X

  12. I'm really enjoying your journal art Lenna!

  13. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments! As for Lianne's question about waiting for artwork to dry, like wet paints or freshly glued items . . . sometimes if it works out, I will go do something else and come back or leave the journal to dry overnight. I love returning in the morning to a half-done journal page!

    But I use my heat gun all the time when I am impatient and want to speed things up. I have had it for at least 15 years, maybe 18, and first bought it for embossing rubber stamped images. It works very well for me still after all these years for embossing, to speed up drying watercolor, to dry and set wet pigment inks or even dry acrylic inks. Don't get too close or it will bubble. That can be interesting in itself. You can also use it to speed up the drying of wet Tacky glue, although I think that is better left to dry on it's own. So that is my trick when I want to continue working!
    ; ) lenna

  14. Dear Lenna your new journal pages looks fantastic, love that you use different techniques,so inspiring to visit your blog.
    Hugs Anni



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