Tuesday, July 26, 2011

everything old is new again

That is what happened to me today -see the title! I found an old piece of watercolor paper I had used a long time ago as a backdrop, something to work on top of while making ATCs or something. Perhaphs when I lived in CT and was traveling here to visit my parents. I obviously was using watercolor crayons in my work at the time and I never could throw out this scrap paper because I liked the colors so much. I used it to test my writing recently and then today I saw it and thought I would simply add it to my art journal and keep it forever!

I've still got the watered down halo pink gold lumiere thing going on.
I told you I was addicted! I did that last night.

I think the "old" paper looks pretty good in here.
Much better than tossing it out!

I considered putting the other half of this scrap paper on the other side and auditioned it.
But i decided against it. Instead, I looked at some quotes I had printed out.
They were still on my table top, rejected for use in another project.

This quote below caught my eye and captured how I felt, click for details. 
I cut it out, ran it  through my xyron and stuck it to my journal page.
Then used a bit of charcoal pencil to integrate the scrap paper into the journal.

After I stuck the quote down I had a eureka moment. I had just visited Lucas Boatworks, where my husband is part of a team of men that build and refurbish boats. Inside one of the boats Steven was showing me, he found a spider web! He called me over to photograph it (he is getting used to my photography ways). I took a couple photos and had already downloaded them and seen the spider web ones. I printed one onto a Transparency film, tried it out and thought it was perfect! 

almost done . . .  I decided to add journaling to the empty space.

A scan: click for detail.
I just realized that Picasso's quote is not only talking about a spider web, but a scrap of paper! No wonder this quote appealed to me. 

Learn more about this project here: Art Journal Every day.
All of the writing on the process of my art journal is here
-it starts with the current post, scroll down.


  1. Hi again Lenna-
    I`m glad to be back ,watching your journal-and thoughts.
    Your old page is so beautiful, ofcourse you could never throw it out, and now it has a wonderful home in your journal.Art throug the years!

  2. A wonderful way to re-use art! And that spiderweb is amazing. What a great find of Steven and a beautiful picture by you!

  3. This is WONDERFUL! Superb quote which is absolutely perfect for you. Ol' Pablo obviously knew of you even back then!

    Wonderful colours on the old paint page, really vibrant. Great photo of the web, it looks really good as a transparency.


  4. Love the color your old page brings, and the spider web.. amazing!

  5. Picasso was so wise. Love the quote because it resonates with me so deeply. Your spread is fab. The photograph superb. I love when you print on transparencies. I can do that but do not have a machine to make it sticky. I guess I could try some other way of adhering it to the page -- or even brads or eyelets. I digress ... your pages are wonderful and I so enjoying being on the journey with you through your blog. xxDonna

  6. Thanks to all! Love reading your comments, they are always appreciated and fun to read. I like to know what you think.
    Donna - You are right, I use a xyron machine to adhere transparencies. I use a xyron a lot anyway, but it is a great way especially to attach transparencies. You can also use eyelets or brads like you thought. Or you can sew an edge or edges down by hand or machine. You can also use double stick tape - red line is great the regular kind will work. I have occasionally used tacky glue -a thin coat, but it takes a while to dry. You can also use a generous coat of glue from a permanent glue stick. I must admit the xyron is my favorite: quick, super sticky, dries clear right away/no waiting. But I hope the other ideas help you. I love working with transparencies, they are just right in so many instances!
    xo lenna

  7. Talk about kismet! That scrap paper was made for that quote, that quote made for that spider web and all three together in your journal = amazing!

  8. Lenna, I just LOVE what you do!xo



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