Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dorthe, me and mail art!

I met Dorthe Hansen I believe, in one of Mary Green's vintage paper collage classes. Dorthe was always so kind to me. I found her blog and visited her - she creates beautiful things and has a warm & lovely spirit. Dorthe often visits my blog too, but is very busy with her shop, Den Lille Lade - located where she lives on a Danish Island in the Baltic Sea.

One day Dorthe remarked in a comment on my blog, how much she like the mail art I did for an exchange and that she had never received any. I thought to myself, ah ha! I could send Dorthe some mail art! I asked her for her address. It took me a little bit of time, but I made a simple mail art envelope and enclosed some lace and things I thought she might like or could use for her dolls or collage. I heard her birthday was coming up and that really spurred me on. Below is what I sent Dorthe; this simple card I made held my goodies for her:

 My envelope for Dorthe, front and back:
Yes, this card was going on a journey, to the Baltic Sea!
Dorthe wrote about receiving this envelope along with some other lovely gifts HERE.

Yesterday, I was honored by receiving from Dorthe, her first piece of mail art, which is absolutely gorgeous, look!!

And not only did I have the beautiful envelope to gaze at, but inside Dorthe added a special handmade card with a beautiful driftwood angel she made attached! 
Thank you so much, Dorthe. 
It was certainly my pleasure to send you your first mail art! 
: ^  ) lenna

earlier post today: orange peel in dark chocolate!


  1. What wonderful mail and gifts to send and receive. I can hardly believe that is Dorthe's first ever Mail Art, it's superb! Love her angel too. Your mail art is, of course, gorgeous - I really like those butterflies, they give the envelope such tone and depth.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog header too!!!


  2. wonderful mailart! thank you much for sharing. what a blessing to encourage AND share goodies... :)

  3. Incredible mail art - both of you! Dorthe's first piece of mail art is really something ... she must have had so much fun doing it. An the driftwood angel .. how absolutely lovely. A little piece of Denmark now belongs in your home. Loved your gift to Dorthe as well .. the way you packaged it was wonderful. What would we do if we could not create! How blessed are we to be able to give and receive these beautiful offerings. hugs, Donna

  4. Enjoyed this post, and Dorthe's blog is lovely too, thanks for sharing!

  5. The continual generousity of souls who create and share with others is what really brightens my day. Your mail art is beautiful and in turn Dorthe did a wonderful job on her first mail art. Sunshine Smiles...

  6. This really made me smile! :) You both made such beautiful mail art. And I adore the journal pages with the chocolate wrapper!!!

  7. Lenna both you and Dorthe has made some wonderful mail arts, you are both very creative and it's so inspiring to visit your blogs.
    Hugs Anni

  8. Hi dear Lenna,
    I was so happy to both recieve ,-and to make my art-mail to you- I`m happy you like how it turned out.-I must admit, I have a good teacher in you, reading, and seeing here on your blog, how you compose, and do! so thank`s for helping me make my ever first mail-art piece.

  9. Wonderful mail art. I have not tried making any, but this is quite inspiring. It may happen yet.

  10. Lenna I love the new banner - that is such a nice spread you did in your journal...

    Lucky you - such a wonderful gift from Dorthe - but what goes around comes around - we all have benefited so much from your freely shared "talents" - no wonder you get such lovely things in return!

  11. These are so lovely. Dorthe is an angel and so kind
    hugs June x



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