Friday, July 29, 2011

a different direction

{ art journal July 27+28 }

To start, I took the other half of the scrap paper that I had auditioned but did not use for my last spread of pages and added it to the right side of my new spread. I began like this below, adding watercolor crayon marks to it . . .

Then I spritzed it with the watered down halo pink gold Lumiere I have been using. 
It dripped a bit, but I like it that way!
I stopped working at this point and let my newly re-worked page dry. I slept!

My good friend Frieda who lives in Scotland recently had a pea-hen visit her, the female version of a peacock, seen at the top of this post. She took lots of photos and shared some, which I saved to my computer. I think this bird is stunning! I asked Frieda if it would be alright to use a photo of this bird (that Frieda took) in my art journal sometime and she said, "of course please feel free to use any of my photos whenever you want to!! I'd love to see what you do with them." -oh how generous and delightful! Here on Blipfoto, in Frieda's journal, you can see one of the last photos Frieda took of the visiting pea-hen. And below, you will see how I added photos to my art journal. I printed one of Frieda's photos onto a transparency and spread gel medium on smoothly for an image transfer.

 I placed the transparency in my journal on top of the second scrap page . . . 
I rubbed the transparency and then waited a bit . . .

voila'! It worked, taking this scrap paper in a different direction.

I tried another, this time a self portrait of her shadow that Frieda took walking the railway road near her home. with more gel medium I was ready to transfer . . . 

 click for details . . . 

Below you see the image transfer of the pea-hen on the right. On the left there is a plain transparency (not a transfer) of the bird. I printed the image on to a transparency and used my xyron to place the bird on the left in my journal. Underneath that bird on the left, is the transfer of Frieda's shadow, but I also placed a transparency of the same image on top of the transfer. Hope that is not too confusing. The transfer of the image was not as clear as I would have liked it so I pumped it up by placing a transparency over it - a creative recovery! 

I have sprayed more watered down paint on top, but it was not enough 
so I added watercolor crayons, in orange -see below.

When I wet the crayons, I also added a bit of Perfect Pearls mist in blue, like the bird! 

I added rubber stamping - Frieda and I both use stamps . . . I like the way Frieda's shadow is taking photos. It is like she is taking photos of the pea-hen, even though that was really at another time. 

I wrote in by hand, a page about Frieda . . . 

I like this stamp I used so I thought I would share a detail of it. It says something like, "There is a time in ones life for sending messages. Get out the notepad, a witty note or hand written message will do. The receiver will love it ......"  Frieda and I write a lot of email messages and handwritten ones too, so I was just so happy to lay my hand on this stamp while creating this spread! Thank you Frieda, for your photos and inspiration!!

Try to do something fun and creative every day! 

Learn more about this project here: Art Journal Every day

All of the writing on the process of my art journal is here -
scroll down the most current post is first.


  1. beautiful & are fearless with your experimentation! thank you for sharing :)

  2. Love what you did with this spread, Lenna. You will smile every time you look at it. Friends are so special and it's lovely you keep in touch even through the miles between you are many. The transfers are exceptional. I have not tried that, but as I have just received an order of ink jet transparencies from the states, I will certainly give it a go. The look of transfers really intrigue me. Thanks for dropping into my blog! Did I tell you a friend of mine sent me one of your rubber stamps?! I am so pleased, because I did have some, but of course left them behind. xxDonna

  3. Oh wow, Lenna, I'm so pleased you've alerted me to this spread as my e-mail notification seems to have failed with this one. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I feel right at home there in your journal together with our now departed pea hea! Thank you!!!

  4. Love that you went outside your norm and into experimentation with wonderful results!

  5. Just reading the other comments here... so you can buy transparency sheets especially for printers????!

    I've been spray mounting stuff onto standard printer paper and feeding it through that way and then if it wasnt chewed up, peeling it off and using it. I didnt know there was an easier way! DOH. However my tissue paper transfers worked out quite well this way and i doubt they have printable tissue paper..... right LOL?!? *cringe*

  6. Hi Lianne,
    Yes! There are transparency sheets(film) designed to go through your printer. You just have to get the kind that matches what you are printing with: ink jet or laser printer, and read the instructions for sending it through properly. The side that has texture on it is the side you can print on. Here is an example of what I use: Ink Jet printer Film -I hope that helps!
    I think adhering tissue paper or fabric to a piece of card stock or paper is a great idea to print on different surfaces, but you will have better luck with this kind of transparency film. : ) lenna



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