Friday, July 8, 2011

art journal 'one' is done! some thoughts. .

(I have added some notes to the end of this post and republished it).

my last spread in this journal
I used stencils from Crafter's Workshop available here. 
Click on any photo for more details.
The cover looked plain like this, above . . . 
Until I covered it with various tissue tapes! 
This moleskine journal is really bursting with art.

There are more photos of the entire journal here
Thanks very much for visiting,
: ^ ) lenna 

In a comment, Lianne said to me, Congratulations on finishing. How does it feel?

Hmmm, I had not really thought about that until Lianne asked! 
I feel mostly proud. I am proud and happy that I was able to recognize a problem (not doing enough art for myself) see a solution, commit to it, and then follow through and actually do it! I did have a few lapses (a day or two here and there, and once - 5 whole days) but because I kept on my path and finished this project I feel that I achieved my goal. On the outside it was to do a little bit of art in a journal every day, and on the inside it was to do more art just for me. How I felt while I was working in this art journal is even more important to me. It got me to use my creative thinking skills a lot more again and have some fun!!! I was held more accountable to do this and follow through because I also committed to sharing it here on my art blog. That is how this blog started in the very beginning on 2007 -as a vehicle to share my art process. It is the teacher in me that wants to do this and makes it complete for me.

So, thank you for asking Lianne. I feel happy and proud and recharged to try to continue this project. I think it is a good experience for me and now I have a book of my own collage and painting and mixed media that reflects my life, during May and June 2011. I love looking back at the pages already! You can find all the photos of my journal in sets by month, here in my collage and mixed media folder. And I have said it before, but I will say it again -- huuge thanks to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY! That is what gave me the inspiration and structure to do this!!


  1. I love seeing the photos of your finished journals... I have been waiting to see it all finished! It's great! I am a few pages away from finishing mine & I can't wait! I already made my next journal and it's lovely. (If you are interested in making a journal, I'm currently doing a giveaway on my blog for a PDF tutorial.) Can't wait to see #2!!!

  2. Congratulations Lenna! Now you will just keep going and going it feels so good. Great journal. Looking forward to the journey through #2. Donna

  3. Oh and PS: Thanks so much for the link to the stencil site ... I have been searching high and low! Got some. :o) Donna

  4. It is so awesome to have a completed art journal in your hands. Loving your stencilly pages :-)

  5. Congratulations with finishing this fantastic art journal, Lenna,-it must be wonderful to have in your hand, it is a beautiful and exiting piece of work, dear.

  6. Congratulations on finishing. How does it feel?

  7. your talent & skills are so swoonworthy indeed! :)

  8. This looks wonderful. I really like how you did the cover. It's all so appealing... makes me want to page through it in a leisurely way.

  9. Congratulations, Lenna. A wonderful achievement, specially as it has given you so much satisfaction. Love what you've done with the tapes on the outside and of course that heart is so very you (and also me!).

  10. ABSOLUTELY wonderful! It must be fab to hold this art journal in your hands with all of its memories, all those attachments and thoughts.

    Truly brilliant.


  11. Wow! What a lovely piece of art just bursting with color and life! So glad that you're enjoying the journey! :)

  12. Thanks for replying Lenna, I found it really interesting. I'm currently going into art journalling over my normal activities (fine art) as I found The Work was loosing it's enjoyment and I wanted to try something that was a bit less restrictive and more about what I wanted to do and learn. I didn't want any pressure to perform for others either so I was interested in your comments about the blog and how it kept you committed. Was that because you felt pressured to do it ie you felt you would be letting people down if you didn't journal/upload or did you stay committed because you enjoyed it and wanted to share? I'm in a place where I'm sharing because it comes naturally and is part of the process and was hoping this is how it was for you because I don't work very well under the other circumstance and just wanted to see what your thoughts were on it. Your experience is very much appreciated x

  13. Lianne, thanks for getting me to think a little bit more on this project by asking questions . . .
    I don't think I felt like I would let other people down if I did not post my art journal pages on my blog after I said I would, instead I think if anything I would feel that I let myself down! I just had to learn to manage the amount of work that ramped up after starting this. I did that by not posting every single day if I did not want to or couldn't. I usually take a lot of photos and write process instructions so it tales time & energy, even it is what i want to do.

    I feel sharing the project of my art journal on this blog keeps me on track and accountable to myself. I look forward to working in it but sometimes get busy with other projects so sharing it here helps me to stay on track with my goal. Does that make sense? if anything I wonder sometimes if people are not bored with my art journal posts because I write about it so much! But I have had many positive comments, so I feel confident to continue sharing. Basically, it is good for me & other people enjoy it, so . . . here we are!
    p.s. this is probably the longest comment I have ever made!!
    Again, thank you. I appreciate your questions and admire you for finding a way to enjoy your art making. ; ^ ) Lenna



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