Tuesday, July 26, 2011

apple green and evergreen

As part of the Colour Groupies - a closed yahoo group, I create ATCs every month on a color-combo theme for the 5 members of the group, including me. I think this is my 4th year participating! Sometimes I am late in making them and do 2 months at once and sometimes there is trouble with the mail, like the recent post office strike in Canada. We do not share photos or reveal what we have made until the ATCs have been received by everyone in the group! That way, it is a surprise when the mail comes. I always make one for myself so I can put it in my album with the rest of the ATCs, as a collection. We are not quite caught up with all the ATCs for recent months yet, but you can get an idea of how my album looks below. It is one of my many color groupies ATC albums!

I really enjoy seeing all the variations and interpretations of the color combinations.
The albums are very inspiring to look through.

For May 2011, the color combo was apple green and evergreen. 
I started with pre-cut ATCs by Stathmore.

I used my square punch to punch shapes from green paint samples I found at Walmart! They caught my eye as they were postcard size, one day when I was shopping there but had the colour groupies theme on my mind.

I added an evergreen watercolor crayon around the edge and then used Dye-na-flow paint by Jacquard in a lighter apple green color in the middle. 

click for details

I especially like this photo below because it shows where I was in my art journal every day project when I was making these. It was in early June, I was in the middle of a very busy time and I was late in making these May ATCs!

details - click for more
{ watercolor crayons and dye-na-flow paint }

Below, I have taken my paint sample squares and put them through my xyron machine to create secure stickers. I have already played with the placement and know pretty much where I want to place them.

A final scan -larger is good (click).
I hope you enjoyed my process!

: ^ ) lenna 


  1. I wish I could 'see' more of the vividness in this post - alas, I'm severely Green challenged. They look really beautiful, Lenna - but I got what I got when I was born.

  2. always enjoy & learn from your process...thank you much for sharing! :)

  3. love these cards, Lenna. I'm starting to think that this is my favorite shade of green. (But it is not in the works for my atc cards!!!) By the way,,,,,what size is that punch...you seem to find so many nifty uses for it!!!

  4. Thank you all! I love your comments.
    Sharon, I thought it was one inch, but I just measured and it is a 3/4" square punch, by Marvy Uchida. I think I picked it up at Michaels. I realize now I started using it again with these ATCs, then left it out on my table. I spied it when working on my journal page the other day and used it to make windows. I do like it a lot! Can't wait to see your ATCs!!
    :^ ) lenna

  5. Love getting this glimpse of the Colour Groupies album, and the lovely mess on your desk. And of course it's great to see how you made these beautiful cards one of which is now in my possession and in my CG album!



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