Wednesday, June 29, 2011

take a walk . . .

When I looked at my blog today I couldn't believe I had not posted since Saturday! I also haven't worked in my art journal since that day either, how odd -must get back to it!
I've been otherwise occupied you could say, mostly with organizing my new art swaps for creative swaps. I'm almost ready to set them up on the blog and announce them. I've been working on more than one thing, more than one swap - writing lessons and instructions. There will be a series of shorter turn-around ATC swaps and this summer, a postcard mail art swap due in September. Stay tuned, more info soon!

In the meantime, to save my sanity yesterday since it was not a Nia dance class day, I took Asia and Chloe to DeSoto Memorial, a nearby park run by the National Park Service. It has been really hot (90's) and dry here until recently, even again this morning we have had rain. Yesterday was overcast, not too hot (80's) and a good day to try walking at the park again.

A path through the forest -they had a prescribed burn here in April.

which way now, ma?

How about on the mangrove path?
As I was walking I saw these little tiny flowers on the board walk . . .

 And realized they were from the mangrove trees above.

I loved the way they spilled down to the bench and on the path.
 click on any photo for more details.

I saw some very small creatures and practiced my macro shots . . .

Come this way, through the Sea grapes . . . 

You might see a great blue heron watching over the water

And there will definitely be time for a walk on the beach . . . 

and perhaps some swimming!

mmmm, refreshing! 
This was my 'blip' for yesterday, my photo of the day on blipfoto.
There is usually a journal entry with the photos too. 

I hope you enjoyed our walk, I enjoyed sharing it with you.

My sister and her family are arriving here today from Connecticut for a few days visit, but I still plan to dive into my art journal again soon and also finish up and announce the new swaps! Kathy will be spending time with my mom and dad so I can squeeze it in. When I can, I will work on these things and I will not worry about it if I don't get to them right way . . . just wanted to let you know. xo lenna 


  1. I enjoyed that walk with you, Asia and Chloe. How pretty those fallen little flowers are. Lovely photos, how refreshing to swim in the water.

    The new swaps sound interesting.........

    ps I received my wonderful little books today, hurrah! What wonderfully perfect choices you made for me, thank you. I'll be contacting the artists (including you!) and posting about them later.

  2. We spent the morning in our shared garden. No walk in the park, that! And no camera either. Sweat doesn't show up well.

  3. I had a great walk with you, Asia and Chloe. Wish I could have gone for a swim with them too! Enjoy your days with your sister and family.

  4. A great walk Lenna. thanks. Enjoy your family. Donna



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