Monday, June 20, 2011

shine . . .

I started worked on this art journal spread yesterday, as a break from packing up the books and packages for the little book swap. Later after dinner, when everything was packed up and done, I finished the spread. It felt like I just "needed" to work in my art journal!

First I laid down part of a paper napkin given to me by swap participant Nancy Roberts. Then I used 2 colours of Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artists Ink, which I picked up from the local art supply store after reading about them in Quilting Arts magazine. They are a bit different from Dye-Na-Flow, which is the closest thing I have. The FW inks seem a little thicker and more pigmented. They also have an eyedropper top, which you can see me using at the very top to get the ink on the page. Fun! The first color is process yellow.
letting it drip and spread....

Below shows how I sprayed water on the pages with a mister and then let the paint on the napkin migrate. This changed the color of the napkin from pink to orange!

Adding blue ink (process cyan). Here it is wet -click for details:

Here it is dry. This is when I stopped working on the spread, until later.

I added a recent photograph of me holding the flowers Steven brought me for our 6th wedding anniversay, but first I gave myself Dragonfly wings! These are a transparency from ARTchix Studio
I also stamped another quote stamp from Christine Mason Miller -
  When we follow our Joy, we shine.
I added some star dust glitter and kept it in place with a light coat of gloss gel medium.

The other page has a photo of me in front of my dad's Mini Minor, in 1963. I gave myself small wings, from the same ARTchix image sheet! I had given my dad a copy of this photo for father's day, so it was on my mind. Above it is an extra transparency piece I made for an ATC, that also has the blue star dust glitter embedded.
The whole spread of pages is below. I decided to call this spread "Shine" because the words I stamped say, when we follow our joy, we shine. Also, the surface of these pages are uncharacteristically full of shine for me. Coincidentally there is also a wonderful dance routine we do in Nia class called "Shine". I like the music so much it often plays in my head!
A very nice melody with a funky beat but a soothing chorus...
You can listen to it here on the Nia site . . . 
 open up and let your love shine . . . .

This spread is up next! (some of the inks leaked through).
I can't wait. thanks for looking! we shine . . . 


  1. Hi... i just LOVE your blog and artwork. I follow quite a few blogs but every journal page you create just moves me to be inspired. thank you for sharing so much so often.... i mean it.

  2. Oh what great fun seeing your pages come to LIFE! I can't wait to get back to the studio tomorrow and play with the drips and washes of great colors! Have a great week and keep cool! Peace, Mary HELEN Fernandez Stewart

    my keys keep sticking on the keyboard...whoops

  3. This spread is a little different for you and I love it. There is a connection between you and the shine and the glitter because I think you sparkle in real life. It's a nice touch. Looks like you had fun (as always). Donna

  4. Great spread! If I did that, it would look like a big mess. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  5. The step-by-step photos really help to see what you've done to create this wonderful spread! That napkin has found its way into several things you've created already. Makes a great background.

  6. Just want to say thank you - I do read, approve (!!) and appreciate all your comments. The fact that you take a minute to tell me what you think or how you feel does not go unnoticed.
    : ^ ) lenna

  7. Great to see this in more detail than on your blipfoto. Specially love that little girl by the car!!

  8. Great pages, you look cute with wings! I like the subtle shine - as you say, unusual for you, but it goes so well with the sweet sentiment. And you were adorable in the photo with your dad's car!


  9. This is a very nice spread - I liked how you described the steps and how you incorporated pictures of yourself into the pages. I wasn't sure how to get that "drippy paint" look. Thanks for sharing!



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