Thursday, June 23, 2011

more in my art journal

-just a bit. There is not much room left!! Steven says my art journal looks like the episode of Seinfeld when George Constanza's bulging wallet cannot fit one more scrap of paper in it, or it will burst! My journal is not really like that, but kind of. Look HERE! I did another spread today inspired by both some spilled over paint from the previous spread and a mail art exchange I was working on. I wanted to use some of the same things I used on the envelopes to remind me of the swap. I will show those envelopes soon! I took my photos of the steps I made in creating the journal spread and made a small "Slide" slide show that I could embed in this post -see it below. You can also view more photos if you'd like, and in a larger size too, in the slide show here on flickr. If you'd like more details, go there! You can pause the slideshows at anytime if you need with the pause button.

Any questions, just let me know . . . yup, I am still having fun with this! I got some of my ideas today fueled by this post by Julie Balzer - No more blank pages! have fun and enjoy.
 ; ^ ) lenna


  1. These process images are too yummy for words. I played with layers today in my studio...check it out. Have a great weekend and play in color! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Oh Yes .. I'm loving this one. Who's stamps are you using .. delightful. It's so much fun watching your journal progress .. really enjoying your posts. Thanks for sharing. AND .. thanks for your lovely words on my blog today. Take care, Donna

  3. How did you get your paints all lovely and watercolor-smushy? Just misting with water while they were damp? Thank you for sharing; this has become my favorite blog!

  4. Yes Kat, after I used the Dye-Na-Flow paint which is really thin like a dye, I misted the page with water so the paint migrated and spread around. I also tipped the book so the paint would go this way and that. I hope you see this, I don't have an email for you. Thanks for visiting!! lenna



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