Friday, June 24, 2011

mail art swap group: birds * bees * butterflies

This mail art is for a swap group I was invited to join by Sue Emmerson in Australia. After I hosted a creative swap last year on mail art, Sue wanted to keep things going! Six people are part of this group which means we create 5 envelopes for each theme, every other month. The group was kept small because that was the most we could all manage. I love mail art, so of course I joined! There is another small group of mail artists whom I will join in with next month, so if you like mail art you shan't be wanting, I'll share it here. In fact, I have some other mail art I hope to share here, but wanted to start with this first!
I started by creating envelopes from an envelope template and 12x12 paper.
Then I used matte medium to meld some bird themed tissue paper to the envelope.

At first the envelopes looked like this . . . 
Then I added rubber stamping . . . 

See you in the mail!!!!!!!

: ^ )  lenna


  1. See? I couldn't resist peeking! These are gorgeous, Lenna. Which one will I get, I wonder? Doesn't actually matter though, 'cos I love them all!


  2. OOooo .. how absolutely delicious are these! love very one .. Donna

  3. These envelopes will be treasured by their recipients, Lenna. Love all the stamps you've used, specialyy the cure one!

  4. Where can I get 2 of the stamps you used, the "there's no known cure for rubber stamps" and the "see you in the mail"?? They are so funny!!
    I think maybe I am read to try so mail art, too!!

  5. Hi Trece, and also Donna I think asked about the same stamps in an earlier post . . . Most of the stamps I used on these envelopes and in my art journal have been in my collection at least 15-18 years. Many of the companies are not around any more. The one, "See you in the mail" was from Rubber Poet and with a quick search it looks to me like that company is no more. "There's no cure for rubber stamps" is one I mounted on wood myself in the early 1990's and I don't know the company and would doubt it is still around . . . I am sorry to say! On the other hand, Rubbermoon is still around 18 years later. The woman on the lane and the somersaulting person in my art journal, and the crow holding the letter are all from that company. The Thoreau quote is a Dawn Houser stamp by Uptown, the bird is by a company called Carv'd (don't know if they are available) and "I dream of postal Bliss"???? well, I don't know. Again, it is from the 1990's and I got it unmounted! I probably shouldn't use these old stamps but they really are some of my favorites!!!
    : ) lenna

  6. Fun! What a wonderful treat for the recipients. Have a great day. Tammy

  7. I hope this doesn't sound to stupid but, do you actually use it to mail something in or put it in another envelope? Love all of these. I have heard about mail art but, wasn't sure what it is. I love all of your post on Art Journaling. Can't wait each day to see what you have done. Thanks for all the information on art journaling.

  8. hi pamela, this is not a stupid question! I actually mail these as is. I address them and put postage on them and off they go. I did put something inside for the participants but I did not show the addresses on the blog as I rather they be surprised! ; ^ ) lenna



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