Thursday, June 9, 2011

Les Paul guitar google doodle

You may have come across this yourself, but just in case not, you will want to go check out Google's search engine today -June 9th, 2011. Google often has some spectacular doodles but this one, in tribute to Les Paul, is a strum-able and in most countries, a record-able guitar, fashioned to look like Google's logo. Simply amazing! So creative.

In looking for more information on Les Paul, I found lots of articles online about him and the special Google logo doodle today. Les Paul died in 2009, but today would have been his 96th birthday. He was the designer of the solid body electric guitar bearing his name, a "state-of-the-art" guitar. You can read more in this Washington Post article. My favorite find was this 10 minute video below made in 2007, following Les Paul on a 'typical work day' when he was in his early 90's.

My parent's had a lot of Les Paul playing when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's, so it was sweet to delve into this history and learn more about him. I absolutely adore Google's doodle logos. The John Lennon one is a favorite and the more recent Martha Graham animated doodle was really my absolute favorite. It is beautiful and I have a personal connection to anything Martha Graham as that is the dance technique I studied for many years. Although today's doodle is interactive and amazing! I did try recording my guitar 'strumming', so here is my unprofessional, but fun and fast recording! Lenna's take 5 ; ^ ) Have fun!


  1. My parents were both musicians, my dad played the piano (and organ) by ear, my mom was a classical piano teacher. Chuck Pefley's wife (my sister Penny) was the one that was keyboard inclined. My dad played mostly on Saturday nights in the local bars. He brought home 45's of the then popular music, including one I will never forget - "How High the Moon" by Les Paul and his wife, Mary Ford. He, being unable to read much music, would play the 45's over and over again, and I of course couldn't help but hear, even at five years old I could sing along with Mary. When I first got on this AM (Google is my home page) I noticed it was Les Paul's birthday. "How High the Moon" immediately came to mind!

  2. Google is my home page also, I always look forward to the special ones. This mornings' was awesome...I started humming "How High the Moon"...both my parents used to sing that song to us as kids. I still hear my Mom humming it from time to time, she is 88 years old.

    Thanks Lenna for telling everyone about it. How much fun those google kids have coming up with these special logos!

  3. There you are again MrCachet .. with more stories! Lenna .. I'm so far out of the loop when it comes to this sort of thing. I didn't know google had doodles. Fascinating. Loved the John Lennon one. Thanks for leading me by the hand .. hugs, Donna

  4. I stumbled upon that today also when I was looking up something with a student. It was so amazing we couldn't stop playing with it. Thanks for your reply to my question about the marker. I'll check those out next time I'm supply shopping. Boy, that list of craft and art supplies just keeps getting longer and longer! :)



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