Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Collage Challenge

Over at Green Paper, Mary green posted her June challenge. I saw it, printed out the free collage sheet of required items -you have to use at least some part of all three, and then promptly forgot about it! Luckily, Mary reminded me in a blog post. Here's what we needed to incorporate into our collage . . .

And here is what I did this afternoon:
Click for details. 

I printed the image of the mom, baby & sister twice in 2 different sizes onto presentation paper which I love for the way it makes colors pop! I used a larger size of the flower card as a frame for the family, cutting it out with little snips here and there to make it look nice and encircle my subjects well. For the Holidays was cut out of the perfume ad and placed in the corner; I added the word "home" in charcoal. I put everything on a background text sheet that Mary sent out in April as part of a Green Paper Collage Club mailing. Lastly, I used a Marvy Metallic marker to rim the edges and add a few splatters . . . something I never seem to tire of. Ask my friend Frieda, she has seen me do this technique of splattering for years -but she tells me she loves it!

Mary's challenges are great for making you stretch and trying new combinations in collage and I highly recommend them! Besides these challenges Mary also offers Your Vintage Gluebook as an online class. I took this class last year and so loved it. In celebration of having 300 students take this class in the past year, Mary is offering it at a special price, very affordable and you can read about it here. Again, highly recommended! I always learn a lot and produce a lot when working with Mary.

Hope you have a great evening . . . I have slowly been working on an art journal spread the past couple of days, but it is not quite ready yet. I will keep you posted! 


  1. Clever... I was just wondering how you managed to repeat that same red in the dress when you explained the two image sizes. This turned out really beautifully.

  2. Lovely Lenna! Love all the layers. and the script behind the images.
    Great looking.

  3. Great way of using the picture twice, Lenna- looks wonderful-and love they live in the flowers and script.

  4. Very gorgeous, Lenna. Composition, presentation and colour all wonderful. I ordered some 'presentation' paper as I have not been happy with my colour copies. Thank you for that. Looking forward to seeing your journal spread. Donna

  5. This is great, Lenna! I love the background and the edges. How does a marker make splatter? Is it paint? I love the look!

  6. This is spectacular, Lenna. Love how you've used those flowers in the corner, with mirror imaging. And yes, I love your splatterings, first of all they produce a great effect and they also appeal to the very messy worker inside me.

  7. Beautiful Lenna, I love it! Love the layering of the double image effect! Hugs Marilou

  8. I love your comments, thank you!!
    Susan asked, how does a marker make splatter? Is it paint??
    The marvy pen I used for this is water based pigment ink. I also use krylon leafing pens but they are not water based. You can splatter with both of them if you want. They have a nib-type point. You can shake the pen, then press down on scrap paper a few times to get the ink flowing. With extra ink on the nib I gently tap the pen (they call it a marker) across my fingers like you would a paint brush when splattering. I just love it! make sure to mask off any areas you don't want splattered because it is not very controlled. Have fun! lenna

  9. Hi - I just wanted to visit and say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I am just getting started in Photoshop and loving it. I love to see what people do with these challenges - everyone has a different take on their main subject idea - like yours being "holidays". Love your collage!
    Hope to see you in another challenge :-)

  10. Beautiful work, as always! Thank you so much for playing along!

  11. Hi, this was my first time to participate in one of Mary's monthly challenges and I'm visiting around to the other participant's sites. I love your use of the double image for a background AND the splatter, it's beautiful. :-) I love using the Krylon leafing pens in my art too! :-)

  12. It's such a great effect to use the image twice, different sizes. Great collage for Mary's challenge.

    I kinda ran out of time to take part this month :o(




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