Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 2+3 art journal every day

Okay! Hold on to your hats. I have a number of photos below showing the steps I took over a couple of days to create this spread of pages. I will write a few notes and If you would like to see more steps and more photos go here. There is a slideshow option there, above the grid of photos -nice, large & detailed.

my first step was covering the pages with a tan tissue paper -I used double stick tape.

I ripped papers based on a lesson from Mary's Green Paper Collage Club.

Finished paper background, plain. Click on the photos for details.

I decided to sew the edges of the journal page . . . 

yes, I snuck more of my fabric-paper in!!

First, I added Distress Stain (like an ink) to the pages and then decided to add glaze.

Then came out the perfect pearls Mist in the white, perfect pearl color.

It added a nice shimmer to the tissue paper I left sticking out.

I started adding papers and a ribbon to the middle of the spread 
that came in the mail that day -
Thank you, Connie! (It came wrapped around a skinny page).
The striped ribbon was from swap participant Marilou  : ^ )

more papers were added -some from my swap participant
Nancy's hostess gift, it arrived that day -so timely!

Dye Na Flow paint was splattered 
Leaf ribbon was added -
New rubber stamps were added: Julie balzer words and a ticket.

what fun, just the way I like to work! 

I hope you have a lovely day. I am doing something for myself today, treating myself to a garden Inspired Writing Workshop at Selby Gardens in Sarasota! The gardens are gorgeous, I've been there before -and nature walks on the grounds, writing prompts and guided meditation are all part of the workshop. My Nia Dance teacher, Gail Condrick is leading the workshop with another instructor. When I registered I was encouraged to bring my camera. Sounds good, eh? ; ^ ) -Now YOU take time to play today, even if it is just for 15 minutes. xo lenna


  1. Since I've been blogging, I've noticed a lot of collage out there. Don't know if I have the time for it myself, but I've always respected it. I love the eclectic nature. Thanks for the interesting step-by-step.

  2. It simply looks magical, Lenna. There's something about this spread that just speaks to me. All the elements look like they were meant to be! Have a fantastic time at your class. Wish I could be there so very much!!!

  3. This looks lovely... and I'm so glad you could use some of the papers I sent. Some were pieces of fabric paper I made. That stuff winds up everywhere, doesn't it? Enjoy your workshop.. sounds intriguing.

  4. OOOooo .. such a yummy spread. Like Frieda says .. all the right pieces in all the right places. Can't wait to hear about your writing. Do you like the Dy Na Flow better than Lumiere? hugs, Donna

  5. FANTASTIC, Lenna-
    love the green added leaves and splash.. :)

  6. Thanks everyone, for your wonderful comments. Donna asked if I liked the Dye na Flow paint I used in this spread (the bright green) better than Lumiere? Both are made by the same company, Jacquard and you can read the difference between them via that link! They are 2 entirely different paints! If I had to choose I would be hard pressed to do so. When I want shimmer I choose Lumiere. When I want fluidity, I choose Dye Na Flow . . . there are other reasons too but that's the basics. I love them both!! : ^) lenna

  7. Hi Lenna, I've got some catching up to do! These pages are gorgeous. I love the colours and all the elements.



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