Wednesday, June 22, 2011

filling fast . . .

Just some photos I took yesterday while the sun was shining. Today we had rain. I think my friend Frieda in Scotland granted my wish and sent some of her rain my way! ; ^ ) I can't remember the last time it rained here in sunny, sunny Florida. With all new the plants we have that are trying to get established in our yard, some natural rain (instead of Steven or I with the hose) is so welcome. Anyway . . . yesterday, in the sun, I noticed just how full my art journal is getting. I only began on May 1. Click on any photo for more detail.

The pages are kind of wobbly from all the stuff I add, but I think its interesting . . . 

You may have seen the one below on my blipfoto account? This is where I add one photo a day. Sometimes photos of my art sneaks in there . . . I have almost made it to 200 "blips" or daily photos -amazing! That is Frieda's doing too!! She found blip & told me about it.

I like the way the leaf ribbon trim sticks up! So, it looks to me like I can probably fill this journal up by the end of June . . . and Frieda asked on blipfoto if I would go on, through July? Why yes, I definitely think so! I'll just have to find another journal as there won't be any room left here. It is a creative habit now, like blipfoto. I want to work in it and have learned just doing a little bit is okay. Then maybe I can fit it all in and do everything I want! ; ^ ) lenna


  1. Wobbly works well in an art journal! You've been productive, and we've enjoyed watching your progress.

  2. I think it's very beautiful, Lenna. Lots of good energy and love in there! Donna

  3. I've really enjoyed how you've kept us posted on an almost daily basis of the progress and all the varying techniques you've used. It's really great, Lena!

  4. I like the journal and the way you have presented it. Personally, I like a little chaos (or wobbly) in my art books. More character.



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