Wednesday, June 1, 2011

art journal every day! yeah, in june too : )

Can't help it, I am hooked now. I worked on my latest spread of pages Tuesday afternoon, this morning for a bit - then later tonight I finished up. Never too long at one time. I find myself wanting to do this and wanting to come back. It has tapped something in me.

Here is what my Moleskine Journal looks like today:

Quite stuffed! 

i have a lovely slideshow with larger photos that I'd like to use to show you 
my newest spread and how I got there: visit my flickr account here.

any questions, let me know . . .

xo lenna


  1. I can see why you are hooked. Great job - your journal is looking fab. Donna

  2. Oh your art journal looks swell, Lenna! Good to see you're joining in this month too.


  3. Lenna, it is looking soooo fat and wonderful- you worked a lot with your journal, and it prooves,dear.
    xox Dorthe

  4. It looks splendid, Lenna, and I can also read in between the lines of your blog what a great time you're having with this. Can't wait to see more!



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