Monday, May 16, 2011

surprise from mexico!

In my mailbox the other day was an unexpected piece of mail art . . . .
Above, the front of the envelope and what was enclosed

The back of the envelope - very Mexican.

This came to me from Donna Parker, all the way from Mexico!
Inside the card she wrote, "Just Because".

When Donna had a blog giveaway last week, I entered on her blog (go visit!) and told her I loved the "button" earrings she made. She was offering a number of earrings she made as a prize...

Look which earrings she sent me, just because!
The button ones! They are so pretty. I was amazed.
A true RAK -Random Act of Kindness.

I did have a great day when I received both her mail art and the earrings,
Thank you so much, Donna. That was so sweet of you! 
xo lenna


  1. Cor! Superb Mail Art and such pretty earrings! What a lovely surprise for you, Lenna.


  2. Enjoy! You do so much for everyone else. It was sweet of you to post this. xxDonna

  3. Nice Mail Art.. Really cute earrings!

  4. Hi Lenna,
    I finally made it back and hope to be able to leave a comment:)
    Beautiful mail art and the earrings
    are pretty.
    Have a lovely evening.



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