Sunday, May 22, 2011

new crayons

New watercolor crayons, that is. I didn't really need new crayons, but you know how it is. The set I had, it only contained a few basic colors. I use these crayons so often. When I saw all the luscious colors in this big tin . . . and on super sale at Jerry's Artarama, I just could not resist. They do last forever, even  if you use them as much as I do. My friend Joy who is visiting was surprised I hadn't broken into the new tin yet! They came in the mail the other day while she was here. When I went to start a new spread tonight, they were just the ticket. Having all of those colors is certainly grand.
Trying out some new colors -before hitting them with a wet brush.

Crayons have been activated with water and I have flicked on watercolor drops.

Reinking my white Fabrico/VersaCraft Ink pad.

Stamping on top of the painted background for more texture: It is a Magenta Stamp

I decided to add the same stamp to these ATCs I started a few weeks ago.

A scan of the beginning of this spread . . . tomorrow I will add to it.
I don't know what I will add to this, just yet . .. 
Maybe something about Joy leaving to go back home or . . . hmm. I almost never know exactly what I am going to do until I start doing it. Often new ideas come up as I am working and I add them in, morph my project to incorporate the new idea. I have approached my art this way for as long as I can remember. A theme, an idea, a color, a feeling, will often guide me but I don't plan a page or a project out. I get an idea, a thread, something to start with and I jump. I gather or collect a few things or more and make myself start. For me that is the key: Start something, anything, the rest will follow.

My advice:
Cherish your friends, especially those that love you and make you laugh! 
xox lenna


  1. The crayons look downright delicious. Couldn't help it. Ordered some. Can't wait to see what you do next on this spread. :o) Donna

  2. Oooh, all those wonderful colours! Superb background, love it. Looking forward to seeing the finished pages.

    And that's the best advice.


  3. ps the best advice about friends, I mean!


  4. Hi Lenna, I also never knows ,where to go,or what to do--but the work takes me in a direction, and from there I just follow my feelings-
    This watercolor pages, are wonderful, sweet.



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