Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 28 art journal every day

Above is the final scan. Can you imagine that is is how the circles finished up?!
Remember, this is how I left that spread last:
Yesterday, I layered and tweaked the left side with the circles quite a lot . .. 
adding white paint with my fingers
drawing more circles with watercolor ctrayons
getting them wet
really getting them wet! 
adding splatters of metallic ink (copper)
finding more of the leaf tissue paper and covering most of the page
After messing around with the watercolor circles, I found more of the tissue paper with the green leaves - its amazing I found any! Added that to the left side of the spread over the circles and then some below the bird. Originally, it was only above the bird photo on the right, embedded in my fabric paper. I add very a light stamping of mesh with 'peeled paint' distress ink and used my fingers to spread some bright gold Lumiere paint on the page. This was all done on May 28 for Art Journal Every Day with Julie balzer.

My student Beth asked me in a comment, "What will you do at the end of this May challenge?"  That is such an excellent question, Beth! When I started this project I told myself I'd commit for the month of May and see how it went. That was really Julie Balzer's suggestion and a good one. I listened, since this whole thing is her idea! I am totally hooked on working in my art journal every day now that I have been doing it a few weeks. I think I've only missed 1 or 2 days this month. My need to do more hands-on creative work is what brought me here because earlier this year I felt I was doing only some and not enough. I was itchy for it. Most of my time was spent writing lessons for my online classes, helping students, organizing, writing, preparing and orchestrating my creative swaps - I wasn't doing as much art as I wanted to.

I am now! 

So somehow, I am going to keep this project. I may have to make myself post about it less frequently because truthfully, even though I love to write and show you photos of my process --this is what takes time, more than making the art. It is like writing a mini tutorial every day! I'll figure it out. I am also still doing a 'photograph a day' project on blipfoto  and I'm up to sharing 169 days of photos since december 4 . . . you can see my daily blips in the top right hand sidebar of this blog -just click and go. I may let that slide a bit, not do it every day? We'll see. I will most likely have to let something go because doing 2 daily projects and writing about them takes lots of time. This is my full-time work -making art, then writing, teaching & sharing about it, plus organizing creative exchanges. I do have the time, my children are grown and I'm only 54 years old! I'm also very much of a "get an idea, okay let's do it" type of person; I like doing things and accomplishing things  . . . . I usually want to do more than I really can comfortably for too long. But, I always seem to be able to figure out a balance and make things work.

Thank you for listening to my rambles! Again I'm very glad you are here and have been enjoying what I share.   Happy Sunday, xo lenna


  1. I just hope that you will post your work on flickr or somewhere. I don't necessarily need the tutorials, I like to know what's going on in your life, and I love to see your AJ pages. You inspire me, and your art makes me happy!

  2. Such a great post, Lenna. We are Artists, all of us. A complicated situation to begin with. We need to express. It's all about finding that balance which keeps us happy. You will find it. You are doing a wonderful job on the journey. Love this spread. Can't wait to get my water colour crayons. I'm going to do the Sketchbook Project. YEAH! I know your life will be just what you want it to be .. that's what it's all about. Thanks for sharing your ramblings .. such a great insight. We all go through the same sorts of things to get our lives on the path we will be most happy on. Take care. Hugs from Mexico, Donna

  3. The way you document your works-in-progress with text and photos is an inspiration. You really can keep the creative flow going even when you stop along the way to take pictures. Very impressive!!

  4. Thank you, Trece! I almost always share my work on flickr, unless I forget or I'm too busy to upload. And I will definitely share it here too, it just might not be every day. Thanks so much for your kind comment. lenna

  5. Thanks very much for your support, Donna! It means a lot to me. ; ^ ) lenna

  6. I have so enjoyed your posts on journaling every day. It has been inspiring for me, when you just do it and dont know where it will end up! Thanks! Sandy Z

  7. I would never have guessed that your left hand side page would develop like that! It looks super. I really like the simplicity of these pages, those 2 main quotes are so perfect. The bird image is lovely.

    I'm planning on taking part in next months Art Journal Every Day, in conjunction with Kelly's Journey of You class (2 birds with 1 stone, like it?!). I won't be posting about it every day (posting takes me longer than the arting!), but I'm looking forward to joining in the fun. Thank you for showing me how a little art in a busy day is achievable.




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