Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2 *art journal every day* for May!

Well, so far I am spending more than 10 minutes!!!
But that is okay. Knowing I only have to spend 10 minutes if I feel like it is giving me the freedom and permission to start.... pretty smart, Julie! ; 0 ) Dinner is soon so I am just going to give you a pictorial diary of today's art journal every day. I did some other art work too, but it is not ready to share yet . . . . click on any photo for details.

Here we go!
Tissue Tape from collage stuff 
CatsLife Press rubber stamp with a brown StazOn ink pad

my own photos . . .

more discarded papers from my collage boxes

white gesso then brown ink

watercolor crayon used like paint

* finished art journal page *
click for detail

How I weighed the feather down while it was glueing!
I used one of Steven's dad's sculptures : 0 )

This is fun and good for me too, wow!
*have a great day*


  1. Great job, Lenna! I was so tempted to commit - but later. What size is your journal? I love what you are doing. hugs, Donna

  2. A M A Z I N G ! Love it! Thanks for showing the process!

  3. What a wonderful spread, Lenna! Just gorgeous!

  4. Beautifulspread. I particularly like the brown.

  5. Thanks for showing step by step how this page was done! It was one of my favorites on the flicker group but it looked impossibly complicated and way beyond my reach to do something even remotely similar. Love all your work and you have a new follower!

  6. I fogot that I also had a question. I'm starting to get into mixed media work and I have much more of passion for mixed media and painting than I do for my usual ink drawings. How did you start to sell and get your work known? I'm still such a beginner to the world of art that I really don't know anything about the actual promotion/business aspect of it. Thanks for any tips!

  7. Lenna, it is fantastic- I think I have to try using gesso-I`m alwayes a bit afraid of that -don`t know why....
    But I know that your husbond for sure is happy you loves him more than bacon-LOL

  8. Dorthe, isn’t that a silly quote! It was actually a piece of paper wrapped around my silverware at a breakfast place –to make it easier to set the tables! I saved it because it made me laugh. I don’t even eat bacon!!! Thank you . . . try gesso over papers, then wipe some away while it is wet. I like it a lot! : ) lenna

  9. Sarah, I don't often sell my work, although I have been commissioned a few times and sold a few collages on -I would look into that. I also have more than one blog and website and started 10-15 years ago . . . and I join and host a lot af art swaps so I have gotten to know people that way. The best thing to do is just start. Make things,, get involved, join groups, visit blogs -immerse yourself in the community!

  10. LOVE IT! These pages are wonderful - the background is superb and all the pictures, quotes and rubber stamps add up to FUN! You love Steven more than bacon? You sure about that?!




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