Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10: art journal every day

I look forward to working in my art journal, especially now that I've found out it is a great idea to think about just starting something. To not worry about finishing the whole spread all in one day or in one sitting, to simply start it! Of course it is really inspiring to me to come back at another time and pick up where I left off. I really like that!

Yesterday I did a gel medium transfer and sloshed some paint on the page,
then sprayed Perfect Pearls Mists all around: 

Today I added this -click for details:
A fabric butterfly, rubber stamping (CatsLife Press) 
and a photo printed on paper, ripped around the edges . . .

I roughed the photo up with a scrubber to distress it . . . 

Then added more citrine green and gold Lumiere paint.

Then, I added journaling! 

Julie Balzer was talking about journaling, writing in your art journal today and gave some prompts and ideas. Click on her name to read the post. This is the site where I got the idea to try working in an art journal every day. Yes, it is keeping me busy, but is feeding me what I was missing, what I was looking for. This feels good. It is like I am flexing, stretching and strengthening my creative muscles. Thanks, Julie!


  1. I'm so happy this is working for you - filling parts of you which needed to be filled. A great gel medium transfer. hugs from Mexico, Donna

  2. I apologize if this got posted twice. It didn't look like the first one posted

    Your work such an inspiration! I've slacked off in my art journaing again, though I *have* done something artistically creative everyday so that counts right?*L* I've redeveloped a love of painting so have atleast been painting in my journal. Your work is always so different; no two pages are alike.

    Oh, I just started up a new blog that is specifically designed or artists like you and other art journalists etc. Non-professionals who create simply for the sheer enjoyment of creation. Check it out if you have time (http://www.hartfulsoul.blogspot.com)

    Great work as always!

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