Thursday, May 26, 2011

finishing the journal page

Late last night I posted how I started a spread with some background papers -view it here. This afternoon I had fun finishing this. It was a challenge because I did not know what I was going to do at first. But this rubber stamp was out on my desk and called to me. That is how I started working.
I had taken this rubber stamp out the other day, but didn't end up using it. It's a LennaLines stamp -a quote about love, from a line of unmounted quote stamps I used to produce 10 years ago. I stamped it right on top of the brown wrapping paper Julie had decorated to send me her Little Books for the swap. On the other side of the page, since I was thinking about this love quote, I drew a heart with my new watercolor crayons and wrote down things I love on the inside of the heart with a permanent Micron pen.

 The wet brush activated the watercolor. I used the same brush to pick up some 
Perfect Pearls iridescent powder (in Blush) and added that to the page.

A black line around the heart for definition . ..

Then I used a texture stamp made from foam.
I think my son Decklin made this about 20 years ago!!!
You need moldable foam, a heat gun and something to press into it.
This is a impression of an outdoor porch screen.

I used the handmade stamp with permanent red ink to add texture all over . ..  
. . . even on Julie's art -we have now collaborated!!

Next came the white acrylic paint applied with my fingertips . .. 

And another texture stamp with VersaCraft (wet) ink in Burgundy

The ink was heat set.

A Metallic Krylon Copper leafing pen was run around the edge and 
flicked (splatters) onto the pages.

Ta-da! It is done. I am really happy with this spread. 
Thanks to Julie and to JOY for the inspiring background papers.

I really think its true that if you want to do something creative, just start. 
Pick something and go! The rest will follow. 
It seems to work that way for me, over and over again. 
xo lenna


  1. How lovely you used the paper .. and look how it turned out. Fabulous! I see you have a 'water pen' .. I wasn't aware of these until my recent browsing the web craze to build my stash. How do you like it? Do I need one? :o) Donna

  2. Brilliant pages!! Love your huge heart (literally and figuratively!).


  3. yes Donna, I use a Niji Water Brush quite a lot. You just fill the barrel with water and go. I think I originally bought it for classes and traveling, but now I use mine at home all the time. It is often easier than getting a container of water and less messier. I really love them (I own a couple!) and think you might too ;) highly recommended!

  4. This is wonderful! I appreciate your step-by-step documenting of the pages. It really helps me as a beginner. Thanks.

  5. Wonderful spread Lenna, I love the colors,and Donna`s paper that you was building apon- and the end result is gorgeus, so fantastic.



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