Thursday, May 19, 2011

finished spread. art journal

When we got home from dinner tonight, my friend Joy who is visiting, Steve & I opened a most generous box of Stonewall Kitchen goodies from Joy, including some Burleigh ware pieces. I couldn't believe it! She totally spoiled us and even included special gourmet treats for the pups!! She is the assistant manager of SWK in Avon, CT after all, so she knows all the good stuff! After that, Joy & I headed to my studio. While she marveled at all the many pieces of art in this room -swap pieces, class samples, my journal quilts . . . I picked up the fabric piece for my art journal spread and got to work.

I decided to attach eyelash yarn, paper leaves, beads and flower beads for an embellishment. The hardest part was threading the needle! For the tiny tulip flowers I really need to use a thin beading needle and those are always tough to get threaded. I wanted to add some words but couldn't locate anything that fit. So I hand wrote "sisters". Click on the photo for details of the embellishments.

A close up of the *Andrews* sisters! 

This is my final scan. I glued the fabric piece I have been working on into my art journal with Tacky Glue. I printed another photo onto a transparency sheet, this one from the Cedar Key Boat meet. I used my xyron to make the transparency photo into a sticker and easily attach it over the map of the waters of the surrounding area. I am very happy with it!
Thanks for following this process. Find out more about how I got started art journaling every day by visitig this page on Julie Balzer's site: Art Journal Every Day

Take care and art it up!
See you again soon, lenna


  1. This is my favorite spread so far in your journey. It has everything .. great content, colour, texture, depth and great layering, embellishments ... the whole ball of wax. I love it ... and such a gorgeous photo of the Andrew Sisters. :o) Have a lovely day with your friend. Donna

  2. MAPS!!! Did I tell you I like maps? That last spread is fantastic, Lenna!

  3. You won't be surprised to hear that I LOVE this fabric page in your journal! Delicious.
    And I also know just what you mean re those beading needles.

  4. That is such a sweet pic of you and your little sis and it looks wonderful with the fabulous fabric page.




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