Saturday, May 14, 2011

Decklin & Tina visit

Decklin and Tina are here until Monday (arrived Thursday) and they have already landed in my art journal!! : ) Decklin does not even say "oh Mom . . . . . " anymore, he's used to it!

I added a different photo of this spread and wrote a bit yesterday
on my Blipfoto account, when blogger was down.

my hubby Steven with Tina, Me and Decklin!
It is so great to see them, it happens only a couple times a year.
They live in Cambridge, Massachusetts . . 

We're off for some boating adventures,
have a great weekend! 
: ) lenna


  1. GORGEOUS journal page, with such precious photos.

    I know you'll enjoy these special days with Decklin and Tina, maybe there'll be some more journal pages about them......?


  2. What a fun picture of the four of you! And I love the flowered dress.



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