Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art Journal Every Day

* May 1 - click for detail *
I started following Balzer Designs recently and found it full of interesting things . . . with lots to discover. I kept returning! Today, Julie's post was titled { Art Journal Every Day: Sign up for May! } I read this with great interest -click on the title to read more yourself! I especially liked the part where Julie said, "Remember, it's just ten minutes of nourishing your creative self every day! No need to finish anything or even like it. Just play!"  Playing with papers, paint, stamps, fabric and ink ~ art journaling! This was just what I needed right now. Not being required to spend a ton of time with the journal if I was busy (10 minutes). But doing just a little bit everyday, even just for the month of May. This was very appealing to me. So I committed and began.

I started with journaling about what I was doing using a permanent micron pen . . . and then adding photos. The photos I used were already printed out and hanging out on my work table, leftover from another project. The scraps of turquoise blue fabric were left over bits trimmed from a quilt block my friend Helen was sewing together. She was going to toss them out, but I nabbed them for future use! They were also lying on my table. I like them because they remind me of the afternoon I spent with Helen and her quilt guild friends a few weeks ago. They were very kind, showing me how they learned to make a paper pieced pineapple block!!

I added color with watercolor crayons, one of my favorite tools. Click on any photo for details.

I used my water brush to activate the crayons and make the colors *pop*!

As I said in my journaling, I have been doing a lot of photography lately and in fact, have been doing a daily photo journal happily for 141 days!! I've learned a lot and been creative in a different way than par for the course for me. I've met new people as well as conversed with old friends, learned about other countries and about composing my photos, seen tons of really gorgeous photos from all over the world by both newbies and professionals alike. I even learned about Photoshop, Oh man! Blipfoto is the place where you can have a photo journal or just take a peek at what's going on. It is quite amazing.

But, because I was busy doing this new activity and taking tons of photos, plus teaching an online class, running large art swaps and coaching a few students privately . . . my mixed media art slipped a notch. Even though I am part of a few monthly art exchanges, I felt like I was not doing enough mixed media art, at least for me! Art Journal Every Day looks like the "ticket" for me. No expectations, what I do does not have to be finished, just try being creative in a journal for 10 minutes a day for the month of May!

Art Journal Every Day -check it out!!

happy day!


  1. This is great! I hadn't considered adding in photos to my sketchbook and I have so many! I'm going to have to try that tonight. And I really need to grab myself a pack of watercolor crayons. The things I've seen creators do with them are amazing!

  2. Oh Lenna your pages are wonderful, love you post, it got me thinking that I could do something in my book every day, just a little thing, do not have to make a page completely finished, hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

  3. Hi Lenna, I'm catching up on what you've been up to. And I love this journal every day idea - and this first page really does POP! Great image of you as a 12 year old, how wonderful that you were always encouraged to 'art'.

    I love watercolour crayons too - they are easy, fun to use and so effective.




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