Friday, May 20, 2011

05.20 art journal every day

05.20 art journal every day, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Lumiere paint. My friend Joy is visiting and packed the papers you see in this art journal, as a gift for me. It was fun to use them and add them to the journal, while she was here!!
: ^ ) lenna


  1. don't you just love friends who really 'get' you? Bringing you paper as a gift has got to be right up there. love the green patterned piece.

  2. Joy can visit again!

    I've just bought some Distress Stain, though I'm now thinking I should have also bought some Lumiere paint (not that I've seen it yet). Does it have the sheen that it seems to have in the photo?


  3. : ) I hope she does visit again, she has been great company & a lot of fun!

    Yes, the Lumiere always has a wonderful metallic sheen. It is great stuff, comes in all colors and even many shades of gold -the one I used is Bright Gold. You can use it on fabric or paper. ; ^ ) Have fun with the Distress Stain, I have enjoyed that. xo



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