Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jeunne et Noir ATCs

Another set of color combo ATCs for colour groupies and this time I sent early!! Will wonders never cease? Amazingly, my yellow & black --or Jeunne et Noir as Frieda likes to say ; ^ ) all arrived quickly, so I am here before the month is half way over to share my April color combos with you. Here is a photo diary of my process.

Starting with watercolor paper for my ATCs and Golden Yellow Dye-Na-Flow.

Brushing the Dye-Na-Flow on I got an idea . . .

Let's trying adding coarse salt to the wet paint.

letting the paint dry

and the salt soak up some of the paint

my studio mascots!

The left ATC still has salt - The right one, the salt is brushed off

All the salt brushed off -see the patterns left behind?

Let's get down to business! 

The backs . . . 

Thanks so much for visiting & commenting. it is always great to hear from you. What have you been up to??


  1. Love how the salt affected the background paint, I'll have to try that. Bright and happy ATC's, with a cute quote - perfect for your group!

    You asked what I'm up to? - Mary's Green Paper challenge for April, the Mail Art envelopes for our Mail Art group, more defined thinking about your 'little books' swap, postcards for a postcard swap group I'm in, and an ATC for another swap (with Art Joy Stuff). That's just about enough!


  2. you sound busy & happy Joanna! Glad we are involved in a bunch of those things together. And thanks for reminding me about Mary's challenge!!

  3. Love your bright sunshine cards Lenna!

    Life here is moving forward, guess it always does hey?

    I seem to be finding my mojo again, and that is a blessing!

    Can't believe I let it slip away!

    Love ya, love your art, love my box!

    La Paix


  4. Lenna, that`s fantastic-- I have to try that --I think all acryl colore will do ? You are so full of wonderful ideas, and what comes out from them, looks gorgeus.

  5. Lenna...these are bright and cheerful. I love that background technique!

  6. Great technigue and beautiful contrast between yellow and black color. There´s a new collage on my blog :-) I used one of your brilliant technigues on that too...

    Have a nice weekend!


  7. Thank you for sharing these Lenna- they are so bright and colourful and it's great to see the techniques you have used.

  8. These are beautiful, Lenna! I always want to try stamping but can't decide what to buy when I see the huge selections that are available. I see that it is the combination of several stamps that makes your ATCs so pretty! The backgrounds are great too!

  9. My Jeune et Noir definitely seemed like a little ray of sunshine as soon as I opened the envelope!

  10. Yellow! How I miss the sun. still not spring like here in Montana. I have been working as usual, juggling lots of balls and dropping most. Still happy though! It must be art?!

  11. Anything and create Lenνa, is great!! ... wonderful !!!!..... fantastic!!!!! ..... congratulations again....

  12. Love the yellow! Oh,yellow is Jaime,by the way.(sorry,I am a French teacher!)
    Great work!

  13. no problem, Sue! Thanks. I did not name this color combo for the group . . . I do not know French at all! ; ^ )



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