Thursday, April 7, 2011

iHanna's Postcard swap 2011

A few weeks ago I saw a link on someone's blog about a Postcard swap that iHanna was hosting. When I went to her site to check it out, I learned that I was visiting "the blog of a Swedish woman in love with creativity." That sure made me smile! Then I found out I had visited iHanna's blog just in time. I had only one day left to ask to be included in her postcard swap! I signed up and Hanna sent me a list of 10 people from around the world to send to. My Job? To create 10 hand made postcards and send them on their way. Off they flew this afternoon and here is how I made them!

I took a scan of the back of a vintage postcard and combined it with
iHanna's Post Card Swap logo in Photoshop. Then I added my message!
The postcard back was complete.

I flipped the postcards over and stamped a BIG fish from Fred Mullet
using a StazOn permanent ink pad.

I tried out some new acrylic inks I bought after reading about them in
Quilting Arts magazine - FW by Daler Rowney. I spritzed with water too!
These inks are different-more pigmented than Dye-Na-Flow, which I usually use.
some of the colour patterns made from spritzing and sponging.

I added Perfect Pearls interference powders to the wet ink  . . . 

I decided to over stamp the fish with wet pigment ink and to emboss it
with Psychedelic embossing powder - wow!

some of the results -look at it sparkle!

I added a hello from Florida  . . .  this is a very international swap.
I sent my postcards to Japan, Finland, Texas, New York (x2),
Australia, Utah, California, Sweden and Germany!!

more stamping with a favorite Magenta stamp.

The backs got a little messsy with all my inking and sponging on the front,
but I decided I love it!

I added MORE rubber stamping front and back and I was done!
Off to the post office I ran because tomorrow was the deadline to send!
I have already received 3 wonderful postcards from California, London and Devon, UK! Please visit iHanna's blog for more creativity and visit her post: Share the Poscarding Joy to view links to many other posts like mine! Have fun ; ^ ) lenna


  1. Wow, Lenna - these look fabulous! I am sure the recipients will love them.

  2. Lenna, they are just wow,wow,wow---
    the wonderful colors and all you added in stamping and glitzing-they are fantastic artpieces- the recievers around the world, will LOVE them-I do

  3. Oh gosh! Stunning postcards - thank you for taking us through the process. Did you know that the acrylic inks would end up looking as great as they did, because at one stage they looked like they might totally overpower the card - but NO, with the overstamping and embossing they looked absolutely fab.

    Fun project for you, Lenna - you look like you had a ball!


  4. WOW!! Think you've outdone yourself with these post cards for the iHanna swap! They're beautiful, and as usual, this post is a mini-lesson ;-0

  5. These look so great, I love the fish and all the colours you've used!ca

  6. Hi Lenna, wow your postcards turned out bright and beautiful!! I see one's headed to germany... I'm sitting here with fingers crossed hoping it's me!!

    Best wishes, tj

  7. Your postcards are yummy! I love the grid stamp you've got there, that's very cool.

  8. Lenna...thanks for sharing your process. I love these cards! I don't think one of them them will show up in my mailbox because you didn't mention Arkansas...maybe next year?

  9. Amazing layers of colors! You are very brave with your experimenting! I love that fish stamp, too. So cool!

  10. I'm doing Hanna's swap too, but it doesn't look like I'm on your list. Too bad...I love your cards. Thanks for sharing the process. Looks like it was messy fun with really great results.

  11. I just received one of your amazing,super inspiring postcards in the mail!! Thank you sooo much! :)Can't wait to explore your blog- it looks lovely too!
    Happy Spring-

  12. Love your postcards. The Fred Mullet fish looks great. Thanks for sharing how you did them.

  13. Wonderful cards, thanks for sharing.


  14. Thanks for sharing Lenna, cool that you included the button on your postcards, just something I too like to do, to remember what it was all about later. :-)

    Take care!



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