Tuesday, April 26, 2011

family visit!

* me, my dad, and my sister kathy *
My sister Kathy, her husband and one of my nephews were here for an entire week and it was really grand. Pictured above is me and my dad and my sister, as Kathy was getting ready for Steven & I to take her & her family to the airport last Friday. More photos here. I hope you all had a good week last week and visited with your family too, if possible. My oldest son Decklin and his girlfriend Tina are coming to visit in just 2 weeks!!

It is hard to tell from the photo, but I have lost 11 pounds since the middle of February. Above, I think I still look plump! Oh well. I am doing it, it is working, and the extra weight is coming off slow but sure. After talking with my doctor and telling her what I would usually eat (far too many calories!) I started watching my calorie intake with a goal of about 1200/day. I am not writing everything down like I was in the beginning, but I am eating a lot less than I was and I am still eating very well. I feel so much better and will keep at this until I lose 10-20 more pounds! My cholesterol levels are already tremendously better, phew! I am exercising more consistently and I feel much stronger. My sister was even surprised at the amount of classes my mom and I attend!

I will be back soon with some ATCs I made for one of Frieda's swaps!

Today's florida sky . . . .

be well, xo lenna 


  1. Congrats, Lenna! You look great!

  2. 11 pounds is brilliant, Lenna - and it really shows in your happy family photo.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your loved ones - and you've got your son coming to look forward to, hurrah!


  3. Your efforts show! The first thing I thought was how much slimmer you are looking - hope you reach your goal. xxx

  4. Hi Lenna, congratulations with your weight loos -you surely works to make it happen,dear- so good it is a succes.

  5. You look great, Lenna, and it sounds like you're super fit too! Congratulations!! And I can't wait to see the upcoming ATCs.

  6. Lenna .. that counts is that you are a very sweet woman, and this reaches.

  7. Lenna, why not skip drawing the verbal checking? It is very disturbing for all bloggers to pass this "test".

  8. Fani, I tried NOT doing the "verbal test" but I got such and increase in spam mail straight into my InBox at home that it was very disturbing for me! Yes, I approve all comments, but I did not like receiving all the bad mail. So sorry, I found I had to keep it in effect to keep SPAM in check.

    Thank you for your very sweet comments and I'm sorry to make it harder to do that. I tried comments without Word Verification and it was not good.
    sincerely, lenna

  9. Hi Lenna! Wow! I've been working so hard on my painting and my blog that I've barely taken a breath! I'm so glad to finally visit you again. You look wonderful! Congratulations on a job well-done. You should be proud. That's not an easy thing for us women to accomplish, and you're adding years to your life. You've reinforced for me that I need to do the same thing-my cholesterol is scary. My hubby has already begun. Your family looks so bright and cheerful. It's wonderful to see you together. I'll visit again soon. Hugs, Terri



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