Wednesday, April 6, 2011

chocolate and coffee

Doesn't that combination sound good??? Yum! I could use some of both right now. Those were the March colors for our ATCs and the Color Groupies exchange. I meant to get this post up sooner but it seems between teaching altered books in 4 artists 4 ways, setting up and writing a lesson for my Little Book swap, re-opening my private yahoo group for any online student of mine for easier sharing of class work, taking photographs every day, visiting with my parents and helping out as we can . . . I've been busy. If you did not know, my dad has been fighting colorectal cancer that spread to his liver for 3 years -the colon cancer was removed 3 years ago. The good news is the CT scan he recently had showed the original lesions on his liver are diminished (wow!) and there are no new growths. This is amazing for liver cancer. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy has made him feel really, really terrible sometimes; not able to eat and he has lost weight. But he is probably the strongest man I know and damn it, he is still up for the fight! He feels better now most days and is getting stronger. I try to lift his spirits and support my mom by visiting as much as I can - and Steven, bless him, drives Dad to appointments and they have some good guy time together. So that's where I am, when you don't hear from me. I still have other creative things to share so . .. after I share these yummy ATCs, I'll get back here as I can with some other things!

Coffee & Chocolate ATCs - a photo diary:

I took this photo while shopping in the grocery store -
thought I could use it for this project.
I seem to always have my camera with me these days! 

First step.
I took some tan fabric I had and making it darker by dying it in leftover coffee.
Obviously, I through the leftover grounds in too! 

I let it sit and dry on top of freezer paper in the sun after soaking it a few hours. 

It added depth to the color, delicious fragrance and some grungy-ness! 

I printed my photo of the chocolates onto vellum paper. 

I made little "sandwiches" of a coordinating fabric, the dyed fabric & cotton batting.

I cut out images from a  piece of coffee themed fabric I had.

I sewed a wavy pattern to mimic steam and zigzagged around the edges.

Finished!  For Caryl Hoobler & Frieda Oxenham

For Debby Harriettha and Tristan Robin Blakeman.

One for me and my Color Groupies binder!

happy coffee and chocolate!!


  1. That's the BEST news about your Dad, I so hope he feels a bit better every day. It must be so supportive for him and your Mom to have you and Steven so nearby now.

    You sure are a busy lady!

    I'm lovin' the chocolate and coffee ATC's! The steamy stitching is brilliant, and I love the coffee stained fabric.

    Take care of yourself, Lenna (you're not OVER doing it are you?).


  2. These coffee'n'chocolate ATC's are just fabulous!!! So different from your vintage look, but equally creative and uniquely YOU!!

  3. Yummy, just looking at the picture made me hungry so I treated myself to a chocolate! Love the card I received!
    Great news re your dad and hopefully he too will feel more like eating something before too long.

  4. Lenna,
    I know about having seriously ill ,close family members- it is so importent what you and your husbond are doing, in helping-I hope your dad will gain power, and be real well again, dear.
    ***I love your coffee stayned cloth, and the ATC`s you made are wonderfull.

  5. Coffee & chocolate- you made great combo pieces with that as your theme! Encouraging news for your Dad's health... hope he continues to feel better and improve. You and Steven are a comfort and help to him.



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