Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue + White China ATCs

Isn't that an interesting theme for an ATC swap, Blue & White China? If you follow that link you can read all about it! My dear (and talented) friend Frieda Oxenham hosts one swap after the other on ATCs for ALL and I join them ALL! She always has great themes that inspire me and she runs a tight ship-meaning everything is done according to plan, on time, and nothing is overlooked! My kind of swap ; 0) I am always pleased with my returns, the chance to create . . . and I get to meet a lot of people I am not familiar with, so it is a lot of fun.

The first thing I did to prepare for this swap was to gather up my blue and white china and take photographs! Above you'll see a small collection of Burleigh Ware that I collected when I worked retail at Stonewall Kitchen in Avon, CT. On a side note, my friend Joy Hancock who is the Assistant Manager of the Avon SWK store is coming to visit Steven and I for a much needed mini-vacation May 19-23rd ~we cannot wait!!!

Burleigh Ware is described as "Hand-crafted pottery from Burleigh is made in England with pride and the same intricate attention to detail since its 1851 inception. Beautiful heritage quality pieces crafted for inheritance." There is just something about these pieces that I adore and working where they were sold I got my pieces on sale. When Frieda announced this swap I also stopped in a local Thrift shop and found the cutest blue & white tea cup for only $3.00! It seemed to match my other pieces well enough and gave me more to work with.

For my ATCs, I used the photos and printed them out onto card stock in various sizes.
Front of ATC #4
Back of  ATC #4

I added a bit of white glitter to the edges as I thought they needed a little sparkle ; 0 )
Front of ATC #3
 I liked using the blue & white China on both the back & the front.
Back of ATC #3

Front of ATC #1
Back of ATC #1
I made an extra ATC for Frieda . . .  I did not specify which one so she could choose whichever one she liked, but I have a feeling she'll pick this one directly below. I copied a photo she shared of one of her blue & white china pieces and created this ATC. It is rimmed with a photo of some of my Burleigh Ware, fun!

Front of ATC #2
Back of ATC #2

Thank you so much Frieda, this swap was just the creative activity I needed! They should be with you soon.


  1. What a gorgeous collection of blue/white china you've got, Lenna, and then you went on to make totally glorious ATCs with their images. And you're right about which one I'm going to choose!!
    Thanks SO much for playing in my swap. It wouldn't be the same without you.

  2. Blue and white has been a favorite of mine! I have a collection of atcs from over the years and it is still my favorite theme.
    These are so fresh!

  3. Lenna,

    Hi I just wrote to you about the mail art...and found this gem on your blog as well....I love blue and white china too!!
    I have a hutch in my kitchen full of blue and white items...I actually collect Delft ware from Holland along with other blue and white china.

    Have a great day!!


  4. Wonderful idea for the tags,Lenna-I do love the blue/white china-too, and your ATC`s are gorgeus.



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