Sunday, March 6, 2011

Turquoise and Copper

I am beginning my fourth year of exchanging colour-combination themed ATCs with a small group of like-minded friends! The January combination for creating our ATCs was Copper and Turquoise. I didn't get mine done until the very end of the January and then it took the US Mail about 3 weeks to deliver them to everyone involved in the US, Canada and Scotland. we wait until they are all received to reveal them. I am finally catching up to share them with you! Click on any photo for more detail.

I painted my ATCs with Super Copper Lumiere' paint.
I also got a wild idea to paint on my xyron backing paper!

I used a Turquoise blue Textile paint -Both of these paints
had been on my table for my Altered Book Lessons.
I peeled the dried paint off and stuck it onto the painted cards.

I sprinkled on Powdered Pearls with a fluffy brush.
I added more pigment powder and sprayed with a sealer, outside.

I rubber stamped on top of the dried paint and added glitter! 

Copper German Scrap Border too.

more paint was added with my fingers! 

The finished ATCs -now have new homes!

I am working on my Emerald & Ruby for February right now (they're late!) and I'm also going to do my Coffee & Chocolate for March and send everything together this week!! thanks to my friends for their patience . . . .  sending love. 


  1. Copper with turquoise lööks really great! Amazing cards!

  2. Lenna these ATC's are fantastic, love the love the combination of copper and turquoise, copper is one of my favorite colors.

  3. My favorite colors to put together. I use some version of quinacridone gold (Golden Fluid Acrylics), and Pthalo blue, turquoise, or green. Nice series of cards!

  4. I love the turquoise in these! I also like the idea of colour themed ATC swops... I wish I could join too!

  5. Great to see how these beauties came to be, Lenna. And I love that idea of painting on the Xyron backing sheets. Must give that one a go before too long!

  6. I would have never thought to do that with Xyron backing paper! That's really cool and very innovative. I usually forget to use my Xyron machine! I love the combination of copper and turquoise. It reminds me of the Southwest, one of my favorite places.



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