Thursday, March 24, 2011

mail art!

As if Jewels beautiful envelope yesterday was not enough, I received even more mail art today! Do you think the word is out that this is something I really enjoy receiving?? ; ^  ) Earlier this year Last year (!) I hosted a mail art swap - so much fun! One of the wonderful things that came out of the swap is that Sue Emmerson, one of the swap participants from Australia, decided to continue the mail art fun! She asked a few people from the swap if they would like to exchange mail art every other month and organized themes & mailing dates. To keep the amount of work reasonable she limited the group to 1/2 dozen participants. Today, I received mail art from Linda Freeman in Washington. WOW! Our theme for this mailing is: Where I live.

Linda created her envelope out of a manila folder -so cool! 

back of her envelope

the envelope and the contents! 

Earlier this month, as our sending dates are staggered - I received this wonderful envelope from Sue, our hostess -all the way from Australia. I am very happy!   

Inside, Sue enclosed some goodies too. In fact, now I have an Aboriginal Magnet from Sue, and a Washington State magnet from Linda! 

My mailing date is April 20th, so it will be a few weeks till you see what I do for Where I live -it will be great fun. I am sure glad Sue asked me if I might have time to exchange mail Art! The others in our group are: Joanna Urbani, Laura Hummel, and Yvette Snowden. See you in the mail! 


  1. If Linda lives in Paulsbo - she's one lucky lady. I still have my eye-teeth however, and I'm not giving up the mountain in the back yard for anything.

    These are really neat, Lenna. Keep on keepin' on!

  2. This is some incredible mail art, Lenna! I bet it is fun for the mailman too!

  3. Lovely mail art from Linda! Looking forward to receiving mine (I couldn't resist sneaking a peek!).


  4. I am so jealous - what eye candy! Now that I've got the bug I'll need to do more of it - what do you do with yours Lenna? Love the envelope made from the folder - very clever...Jewels

  5. What do I do with it, jewels asked! :^ ) Mostly I enjoy it when it appears in my mailbox, what a treat! The recent mail art from this exchange and the swap I did late last year is on display in my studio on top of a file cabinet and I do paw through it! Some older pieces are in a notebook . .. or in boxes that I can access. It is always a lift to my spirit to look at someone's hand decorated mail to me.
    : ) lenna

  6. You've been having a great time with the mail art, Lenna! Love all the work you've been doing! For some reason I was unable to comment on your blog for a couple of days but it looks like whatver was wrong is now right again!!

  7. Hi Lenna! I've spent a lot of time visiting Pink Saturday participants, but I wanted to stop in and see what you're up to. Your postcard swap is quite successful. Everyone has contributed such original work. All of these postcards have me anxious to go on vacation, but I'll have to wait until August! I hope you're having a good weekend. I'll talk to you soon. Hugs, Terri

  8. Wonderful mail art you have received Lenna, thanks for sweet comment on my work.



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