Monday, March 28, 2011

looking ahead . . .

I am busy organizing a new creative swap on little books but wanted to say: I hope that it warms up for you soon if you are still getting snow (?) and live where it is not quite spring yet! Here in Florida, spring has already sprung. Look forward to scenes like this before too long . . . NOTE: These really are summer-like scenes, aren't they?!! Here's wishing it is warm, or will be soon, wherever you live.
I must remind myself, I now live in the "Sunshine State".

-hang on, it won't be too long!
Thinking of you, lenna


  1. It will be a while before we reach that stage - your pics speak summer to me... But the buds are starting to open here.
    Have a wonderful day, Lenna!

  2. Beautiful scenes, Lenna. I don't know if we ever get sunshine quite like yours but ours is just as beautiful, in its own way.

    Great photos.


  3. Lenna, how lovely-
    and such beautifull photoes---
    yes,here it had become a few grades warmer-but I still have to wear my fat jacket--and NO sandals at all :))

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed, Lenna, but I suspect that even if we have the very best summer ever here in Scotland it won't quite look like these pictures!

  5. Oh Lenna, the hibiscus bloom is gorgeous! The sandy beach has me just itching to get out my kayak and go padding! I suppose I could do it now, but if I ever capsized, I'd be a popsicle. Have a great day! Hugs, Terri

  6. Those vibrant photos add so much to my dreary Maryland rainy day!

  7. Oh Lena - what beautiful photographs and is it a hibiscus? Love that flower too. We are now in the midst of a snowfall warning - and yet on Wednesday it was 65 above! Enjoy the sun!



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