Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Green Paper Collage challenge!

At the beginning of every month, Mary Green gives a challenge on her blog, Green Paper. Here are the images she provided us for the March challenge, for free!

This is a re-sized version. To see the downloadable version of these images and what everyone has created with them, go to the March Collage challenge post. The idea is you must use at least part of all three images Mary provides. You can work with paper and glue or digitally, it's up to you. Post your entry online somewhere and then leave a link on Mary's blog directing others so they can see it. When the deadlines is up, Mary randomly chooses a winner and awards a prize - usually some of her yummy ephemera and old paper!

I've been busy so I almost did not get a chance to do this. My trick was to print the images out in a variety of sizes and on different papers and leave them out on my work table where I would see them!! It worked. I pulled this together first thing this morning. Here is a scan - click for more detail. I call it, "I love my bank!"

And then  a photo I took to try to capture more detail:

I always enjoy Mary's challenges, they make me stretch! 


  1. Nice job, Lenna! Your idea for the skirt is one of those inspirations that make me say "Damn I wish I had been the one to think of that." Betcher bankroll I'll be "borrowing" the idea at some point, but I promise to give you credit!

  2. You really did do wonders with the images Mary provided, Lenna, and like Sharon I LOVE the idea of the 3D skirt! It's inspirational.

  3. Very beautiful Lena!! the sewing is by hand or machine?

  4. Thank you, fani!
    The sewing is by machine. I like to sew paper too!

  5. a most amazing skirt! thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. Love how you made the skirt! Love how you come up with such neat ideas.

  7. I love seeing the different results created from the same ingredients. I love textures, so the stitching caught my eye together with the lovely fringe.

  8. I love the look of the skirt. The subtle colors and the way the paper dried really gives the impression of a soft fabric. This is a really pretty piece.



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