Tuesday, March 15, 2011

family, zumba & blips!

My sister has been visiting since Thursday and it has been great to see her. This was taken the other night at my parent's house . . .

We do look a bit alike and don't you think my dad is proud of us? Kathy and I went to a Zumba class on Sunday and tried our best to keep up . . . it's Latin-inspired dance fitness with fast footwork -sambas, chachas, lots of hip-shaking, and I had not been to class for a few weeks. I used to teach Jazzercise, but that was about 20 years ago. Zumba is different! It's a lot of fun though, and we both did pretty well. I have been concentrating on weight training for fitness to get stronger but I think I'll add more zumba in for fun.

Today, Kathy & I went to a small Church Thrift Shop near my home that I found last week. I promised I'd return with my sister (she loves Thrift shopping) and of course I made Kathy pose in front of it!

I have been taking literally tons of photos since I joined blipfoto because of my friend Frieda Oxenham's recommendation. Blipfoto describes their site as, "The zero-fuss website that lets anyone join in and publish one photo a day. Record your life in pictures, improve your photography skills, or just keep in touch with your family and friends. Join the community now and start seeing the world in a completely different way. We warn you, it can get quite addictive...." -The last part is certainly true!!

I can't even count how many photos I have taken since December 4th, when I signed up for my own blipfoto journal. A lot! I have taken many, many photographs and learned so much. In just about one week, I will celebrate my 100th blip (100 days of photos uploaded) in that short amount of time! I have taken even more photos than I can share if you can imagine, but here are a few recent ones:

me, often at DeSoto memorial beach

Asia & Chloe xox

working with photoshop elements

These Capri pants are Thrift Shop finds!

My mom's special Iris - I asked my Mom where she got this Iris from. 
She laughed and said she got it from Home Depot here in Florida!! 
Amazing, huh? It only blooms for a day or two.

lots of beautiful photo opportunities -
and now I am really taking advantage of them.

with love, from lenna


  1. The photos are just wonderful, Lenna. Have fun with your sister!

  2. Happy times with your sister, and yes, you are SO alike. I cannot believe you are able to wear cut-offs and sandals, it's just not fair!

    Zumba and thrift shops - you're sounding a lot like me, girl. Your blip thing sounds fun (but one thing too many for me to take on at the moment).

    Beautiful photos as usual.


  3. So glad you are having fun with your sister! I looove thrift shop shopping!!
    As always, your photosa are amazing, and I so wish I could be there with that special iris or standing on the beach with you, and that great looking bird!

  4. Great to see and hear what a wonderful time you had with your sister! I just wish there was a little button I could press to transfer me to Florida even if only for a few minutes so that I could have gone thrift shopping with you! And zumba dancing too.

  5. Glad you have been having fun with your sister - thrift shops are a favorite of mine, too! Beautiful photos, as usual, Lenna! That iris is stunningly gorgeous!!!!!!!

  6. I really enjoyed looking at your photos. I just recently got a Nikon DSLR and have been carrying it around a lot. But I'm on the slow side so things have to stay still long enough for me to focus---I've had a ball. I especially like your photo of your mom's iris. Where in the world did you find such a beautiful iris? Any hope of finding on in California?

  7. Wow, Lenna! You've taken some fantastic photos. Your Mom's special iris is beyond beautiful. You and your sister are like two peas in a pod. You look cute together. I love the way your Dad is looking at you. All of this talk of thrift shops has made me want to go to my local shop. I'll talk to you soon! Terri

  8. willireb -I don't have your email so I can't respond directly . . . I will ask my mom later today and add the info here later, if I can. I believe it is a "marisca" or something similar.

  9. willireb -- I asked my Mom and she laughed and said she got this Iris from Home Depot here in Florida!!
    Amazing, huh? It only blooms for a day or two.

  10. Sounds like the two of you are having a great time. Enjoy each other! I wish I was there to go thrift shopping with you. I love to thrift.
    I am so impressed with all of your photos. I am a firm believer that the more you take the better you get. Thanks for sharing the site with us. I will have to check it out. Meanwhile I so enjoyed your photos!

  11. So wonderfull,to spend happy houers with your family-Lenna-
    and the photoes are gorgeus,-I love your thrift shop trousers-alwayes looking for cloths there,too.--But how can you have bare legs already dear lady? YOU ARE LUCKY!



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