Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chloe and the 100 photo 'blips'

Chloe, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Sunday, March 20th, 2011 was the day I hit 100 days of photo uploads and journaling on Blipfoto, wow! They make a celebration out of it on the site, announcing your 'blipday' and even giving you a balloon! I would say most members there try to do a special photo for that day. As one person remarked when I said my 100th blip was near, "oh, the pressure is on!" ; ^ )

For my special "Blipday" journal entry, I did not use the photo of our sweet Chloe above, even though she is so cute. Nor did I use this one I worked on in Photoshop, even though it was interesting . . .

I did not use either of these two  . . . 

Asia, me & Chloe,  in my parent's side yard

Playing with Photoshop and a picture of Asia . . .
The rose is from my mother's garden and appears again here!

And I did not use this one . . . . 

or this one!

But I used a similar one and started playing a bit more in Photoshop. I combined photos I took of my mother's beautiful roses with the photos Steven had taken of me & the dogs. It started like this -

And after a few different tries I came up with something i liked . . . please view my finished journal photo here on blipfoto. It took some time to create, but it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed celebrating my milestone of 100 photos. I began Blipfoto in early December at my good friend Frieda's suggestion, but reached 100 blip entries pretty fast because I have uploaded a photo on a daily basis since December 18th. If you have read my writing about this before, you'll know that blipfoto is not something I set out to do, but checked out because of Frieda and then fell into it! It has been a great learning experience for me. On Blip, it's easy to see photos of and read about places all over the world. For example, I know a lot more about Frieda & Scotland now - I love it!

I have noticed though, that a lot of my creative energy is going into photography now so I may consider not uploading on a daily basis. At blipfoto you can upload ONE photo per day, but there are no roles saying you must! I could upload every other day, or 2 in a row and then none for a week. I simply got into the rhythm of taking photos every day and choosing one to share. I have been doing a few other creative things though, so I'll be back! Thank you for visiting, it is much appreciated. xo lenna 


  1. Hello Lenna, and congratulations on your 100 photo birthday.
    I love you with the dogs, you looks very sweet- and I`m going to watch the one you desided on using there.

  2. I ADORE that photo of Chloe - look into those eyes!!

    Congratulations on your 100! It's great to see all the photos you DIDN'T use, but I HAD to go over and see the one you did - and it's fab!

    Looking forward to seeing lots more blips.


  3. Hi Lenna! Congrats on your Blipoversary! Chloe is absolutely adorable. Thanks for the video...I love it! I miss seeing my Michael playing trumpet in the marching band. It made me kind of nostalgic. Have a good night! Hugs, Terri



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