Monday, March 7, 2011

Altered Books - Artful Pages

This week in Artful Pages - 4 artists 4 ways . . . 

My first lesson was launched yesterday and what a wonderful feeling! When you have been working hard on something, it's so good to see it come to fruition. My part of Artful Pages is all about Altered Books; how to get started, some page background ideas, where to go from there, plus working with transparencies & gel medium transfers. The lessons are uploaded to a password protected blog on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 4 weeks: one week is devoted to each instructor/subject. I have been trying to do as many of the lessons as I can and it's been great. Each instructor has a different style and a different specialty and its so wonderful to be able to access all of this, in one place. Registration is open as this is an on-going class. There are 7 lessons up on the private blog as of the date of this post - and there will be 12 lessons available to download by the time all of the lessons are uploaded! It is a great value.

There is a flickr photo group to share photos of your work and exchange comments. I hope you can join us! The workshop comes down to just $10 a week as registration is only $40 for 12 lessons. ** If you are already registered and would like to leave a comment on the course, I would love your feedback. Thanks so much!!


  1. I'm in this class and it's GREAT! All the lessons have been clear and inspiring. Learning to letter from Hope (week 2) was good, as that's one of my weak points. Lenna's painting tips in her first lesson have already resulted in several good looking journal pages for me. For $40, this is an excellent value if you're a wannabe journaler or already have a few under your belt and want to learn some new techniques.

  2. I'm not able to join this class due to financial constraints, but wow does it look good!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, becoming a follower and commenting on my painting :)

  3. I'm enjoying this class. Have glued, ripped, and modified my book and now ready to begin with the various techniques you taught. Good stuff.

  4. Hi Lenna! I'm really enjoying your altered book class and I already painted some of my pages. I need to do a few more before I get pictures up on flickr. I also really loved the first two weeks with the other teachers and I highly recommend the Artful Pages class to anyone. It's just so fun to create! Can't wait till Wednesday to see what's next!

  5. Hi Lenna,-
    This looks exiting,-
    And I can`t play this week- as Mathilde is here (4 years old) --well I play the whole day long with her, but concentrate on your class, I will have to wait, till next week-there are so many tecniques I love to read about, dear-and it looks wonderfull,here.
    See you later, Lenna-



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