Saturday, February 12, 2011

tim holtz - valentine mini book

I subscribe to Tim Holtz's YouTube videos and found this one in my inbox this morning. Steven loves little books and Tim's book looks like a great variation on a small book I made Steven a few years ago:

2005? That is unbelievably, 6 years ago!

This little book above that I made for Steven is made from just a single sheet of 8 1/2 x 11" paper, where as the book Tim Holtz shows us in his video is made from a 12" x 12" sheet. You can also use Tim's Tissue Tape for the project, which is great fun for me since I only just discovered it at Collage Stuff. Until recently I have not done a lot of shopping because of packing, moving 1500 miles,  packing, moving . .. but I think now I can definitely say I am addicted to Lisa Busch's shop, Collage Stuff... it was my friend Frieda Oxenham who brought it to my attention. I don't know if I should thank her or . . . not??!! ; ^ ) Lisa has great products and wonderful service - I am saying this of my own accord!

I am going to try to make one of Tim Holtz's mini valentine books for Steven. We have a 'date' on Monday, valentines day, and I think this little book would be a perfect addition. We're going to the ArtCenter Manatee to see a watercolor show of the National Watercolor Society and then out to dinner, whoo whoo! If I make the book I'll share the book here if I can, and if you make one - post it on your blog and let me know! You could leave a comment here and give us the link. 

have a fun happy valentines day! 

xo lenna & steven 
(and Asia & Chloe)

sending love from florida! 


  1. I watched it - COOL! I'm unsure about the scoring wheel (like a mini pizza cutter?) and the gridded sheet he laid the paper on to score the folds. I use my light table and a metal rule to make my folds for the envelopes, but this looks like a method I could put to use. Any suggestions on where to go for the wheel and grid? My wife has a thingie for making quilt blocks, but the piece Tim is using in the video has a much smaller grid.

  2. Dave, I did a little search for the scoring board and found this post on Tim's blog. Tim says it is from martha stewart/ It looks like he is using a bone folder for the scoring of the paper but that the scoring boards has indentations on the grid. You could also do the same thing with a metal ruler like you said, but this does look cool!

  3. Adorable book isn't it? I'm off to make one. Yes, I was doubtful that I really needed that Martha Stewart scoring board, but had a 50% coupon so went for it. It is a really great thing to have..I have been making rosettes with it, using it to score the paper. Now it will make this little book oh so easy. Oh...did you notice the little dispenser for the tissue tape? That is sooo going on my list of gotta haves!

  4. No time to watch it now - I'll be back later, sounds great!

    Thanks for sharing,




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