Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my Altered Book for Artful Pages . . .

This small sample book I created to illustrate my lessons has grown quite full! Have you read about * Artful Pages, 4 Artists 4 ways? * This is a collaboratively taught class; I'll have one of the four weeks to teach my 3 lessons on Altered Books. I'll be joined by 3 other wonderful instructors teaching a variety of book arts: beautiful Vintage Gluebooks, Artful Journaling and yummy Altered Fabric pages -there will be 12 lessons in all. Go to the link above to learn more about it and register. I hope you'll be able to join us! You can start anytime and the class opens officially February 20th, 2011.

I added about a dozen photos of sample pages to my flickr account just so you could get a peek at what my lessons will offer, go here to view! Stay warm & dry and don't forget to do a little something creative.
 :  ^ ) 


  1. Your book looks so intriguing, Lenna. I am sure the classes will be a great success.

  2. Oh Lenna
    Ive ummed and aahed about this workshop, but with my family coming from France I must save my pennies!
    I know it will be inspirational and a lot of fun, as I've done two of Mary's classes and one of Hopes. I wish you all every success.

  3. Dera Lenna, it looks so gorgeus, I will go look for more fhotoes,-I so hope I can participate, in the 4 great classes-

  4. It's turned into a truely delightful little book, Lenna. Simply a gem!

  5. Lenna I'm taking the 4 artists 4 ways class and where do I purchase transparency film? Photo supply, Staples, Kinkos? Marilou

  6. Marilou, I bought my last package at Staples, 3M Multi-purpose Transparency film . . . I am printing on an Ink Jet printer so I needed something that would work well with that. Most any office supply should have it but you might want to compare prices online first! Looking forward to Artful pages - 4 artists 4 ways with you!

  7. Lena Hi ..... I am very glad that I met your house, I've taken, the on line all courses, but I have difficulty with the English language ... because i know it well ... For this reason, I do not understand,what the want to tell you every time. I would, if possible, putting more pictures of anything you write, because, only with pictures I contact whth you...the google translation is not good...Thank you!



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