Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lesson 3: Vintage Gluebooks

This spread in my small moleskine journal is for Lesson 3 in Mary Green's Vintage Gluebook week of Artful Pages-4 artists 4 ways - A collaborative online workshop that I am also teaching. My section on Altered Books is coming up in just a week!

For this lesson we are learning about visual weight. I tried to choose a larger main image printed on fabric for more "weight". I added the flower, the leaves (thanks to my friend Carol van Gerve!!) and the pearls at her feet to keep her 'heavy' if that makes any sense?! The yellow card on the side is printed on cardstock for more weight and the text behind the woman is a REAL vintage letter from 1897 ~ or there abouts. Below is how the background first looked:

Hope Karney's first lesson on ART Journaling is up and looks fantastic -it's on my list of fun things to do tomorrow after our friends leave. I'll be back, we are hosting a party tonight with my parents, Garth & Nora and friends we have made here in Florida, Bean & Chandler -should be fun! I hope you have a great day too.


  1. Lovely pages, Lenna. I do get what you mean about the weight of an image - not something I'd considered before but it shows what a difference it makes when you think about it, as you have here (that was a long way of saying"I get it"!).

    Enjoy your party with your friends, old and new, and your parents.


  2. What a wonderful spread, Lenna! Really beautiful.

  3. Dear Lenna,
    you made some wonderfullpages, I Love how you composed them and the images--'
    I have not been doing much -only made one spread, and not startet the new class-over there, I hope to be able to do something about it.
    Next week, my grandchild Mathilde comes for hollyday, one week- all allone, so there will not be much time, for creating....only with her, she is 4 years old :)

    I have enjoyed seing all the class pages you have done.



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