Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grandmother's attic

close up, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is a close-up of part of a skinny page (4" x8") I made for Karen Owen on her theme of Grandmother's attic! Isn't that a great theme? Karen told me she loved old jewelry and the fresh water pearls above were part of an old, broken necklace of mine. Perfect! I started by gathering things I thought might work . . . no bright colors, no nudes, a big 'yes' to vintage photos and letters - these are some of the things Karen suggested and here is how I started below...

I started side one like this with gesso painted over various papers

I added an image from Lisa's Altered Art (thanks, Frieda!)
and buttons - a gift from swap participant
Margriet van Schaik (thank you!!)
. . . and lace! Click for details.

Here is how the other side is coming along -
I've added an old family photo (Steven's Aunts)

close-up again!

It is finished!

more details

It's done! 

I really enjoyed making this skinny page for our exchange (Oh My Gothic) and hope Karen enjoys it too! I will be sending it off to her tomorrow -so sorry for the delay, Karen. (This was a January project, eep!)
Sending you all creative wishes and hope you are managing the weather, wherever you are.   xoxo


  1. Love this. It is beautiful!!!!


  2. Stunning artwork, Lenna. Gorgeous image, and I love all the different textures and layers.

    Grandmother's Attic is a wonderful theme

  3. Lenna your skinny page are so beautifully done, nice to see how you make them.

  4. What a great skinny! Karen will love this - I especially like that old photo of Steven's aunts :)))

  5. I like it any time I see vintage sheet music and words. ;o)

  6. I love them, Lenna! They are perfect. The photo of Steven's aunts is so wonderful - thanks for using it. Love the pearls, lace, everything.

  7. It's stunning, Lenna, and I'm so happy you love Lisa's images too. Not really surprised though, as we seem to be so alike in many ways.

  8. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for showing all the steps.

  9. Lenna, it is gorgeus,
    I love how you put her in the corner, to see all the beautifull papers and lace, too- and she is beautifull with the added pearls, and glitter.

  10. Lenna, I just love your pages for Karen....all that lucious texture.....beautiful!!

  11. Lenna, I'm always so completely in awe when I visit and see your latest work. I love the composition, the addition of the buttons, the row of pearls, and the vintage papers!

  12. Lenna these pages are sooo beautiful-the embossed paper, lace, pearls, pics-well everything!! :)LindaK



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