Friday, January 14, 2011

sketchbook project finished and sent

I finished my sketchbook and sent it off to New York earlier this week! This is for the Art House co-op's Sketchbook 2011 project. I decided I wanted to upload all my pages here on my blog, in a row, as I did them so I would have a record of my entire project here. If you have been following along, there are some new pages I have not shared until now at the bottom of the post. You can click on any scan for more details.

I mailed my sketchbook 1-11-11 !!

My theme: This is not a sketchbook  : ^  )

intro page - I added color to it before sending it off
It was plainer, if you saw it previously

journaling - I have not really done an art journal before .  . .


. . . This is my favorite page in the whole journal . . .
Working with strips was an inspiration from Mary Green

journaling about some of what we went through to move to Florida

I journaled about my mom, Steven and Frieda . . . 

Steven's boat refinishing worked it's way into my journaling!

This is our new home, shown on the left

Art Challenges - this one for Michelle Ward

Mary Green's influence on my art again  : ^ ) I love it!

More exercises, a class I was taking with Mary
this page made the home page of the Art House co-op site

I look at this and say, 'my wild collage style'
I do like it

my friend Sharon Borsavage did the tall tower of art on the left -

I had fun layering, stamping and cutting pages

my mother, myself

I'd say this is true 'lenna art' -almost messy collage style

one of Mary's Collage Club exercises

getting ready to let this journal FLY!!

wrapping it up!

I have so enjoyed sharing this project with you.
Thanks for all your support, all your comments, and all your love!


  1. Your (not a) sketchbook is magnificent. It was wonderful to look through all the pages, one after another. How much more wonderful it must be, when holding the actual book!
    Looking forward to seeing what new projects you will be working on this year.

  2. Lenna, what a fantastic work of art.
    So many wonderfull pages, and all so different, even made from one womans hands and mind- there is a new experience on every page you open.
    Happy week-end.

  3. I LOVE your sketchbook! Thank you for sharing ... it is pure delight.

  4. This is absolutely fantastic! I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite! Great job on this Lenna!

  5. Hi,Lenna! Your "not a" sketchbook is fantastic! I love seeing all the pages together like this. Your artwork is so diverse; keeps it interesting, doesn't it?

    Hope you and Steven are doing well! Looking forward to seeing more of your art projects this year!

  6. How great to have it all finished and mailed off, Lenna. All the pictures together as on this post give a tantalizing vision of how beautiful your sketchbook has become! I only wish I could have a peek into it in person but all the pictures you've treated us to, give a lovely taste of it.

  7. Super and exciting work of art. Thanks for sharing. Commitment to this project shows clearly your dedication to "works of art."

  8. Awesome Lenna as always - funny to see how much Mary helped spark even more creativity! I love every spread you shared.

  9. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments,much appreciated!
    You are right Jewels, my classes with Mary Green (green paper) last year had a huge influence on me! Lots of inspiration and really a bit of a different way for me to work. I so enjoy being her student!!

  10. Oh My Goodness, I would so love to see this in the flesh, so to speak! So many wonderful pages, but if were allowed to pick favourites they would be the self portrait - gorgeous background and 'bubbles' and great photos of you, Lenna. Also the strips DPS is stunning too.

    Fabulous work and you clearly had great fun with it.


  11. Lenna your sketchbook is gorgeous, all the pages are so wonderful to look at.

  12. Wonderful sketchbook Lenna. I like your "messy" style and your use of color.

  13. I really LOVE your book! So colourful and lively! I hope it is enjoying being on tour :)

    It is really reassuring to see a Sketchbook Project book completed in a collage / art journal style as I was wondering whther I had made a mistake signing up for 2012 - most of the examples I've seen online of 2011 journals are very much drawn / painted in by people who can draw / paint realistically. And I can't!

    Mine will be much more collagey, like yours, phew, so glad I'm not alone!

  14. Ok Lenna .. I'm sort of hooked - I do think it would be a great deal of FUN. I love doing any kind of books, journals, altered, collage, painted, sketched - so this should be a good match. I think your work is awesome.. so we will see. I'll go back and have a good think and another look at the information for 2012. Thanks for all the information - it's been sooo helpful. Donna PS. I see I had a boo at your work at the time. Liked it then .. like it now. It's time to participate.



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