Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mail art, happy day

Lucky, lucky me!!

Today's mail brought me this wonderful mail art envelope. Isn't it so cool?? A huge thanks to Dave Dube' of Old Paper Art for creating this envelope and sending it to me. I have not received mail art just for the sake of mail art for a while. It's so much fun to receive! I hosted a mail art swap recently, but Dave's mail art was unexpected and simply delightful! It seems that Dave found Mary Green's blog, Green Paper and saw my work there. He viewed some of the art I was doing for Mary's challenges and wrote in a note he enclosed in the above envelope, "I really liked a number of your Vintage pieces. Creative!!"

Awww . . . that is so sweet. I wonder if Dave knew I was a little ga-ga for Mail Art too? And did he somehow know that I love "Brownies"? I have an entire drawer-ful of Brownie stamps (the little guy running with the envelope above). I love how Dave copied my Google profile photo & made it into a faux postage stamp for me. Just so cool. I really appreciate that you sent this wonderful envelope to me, Dave! 


  1. I have loved Dave's work forever! I really treasure the envelope he sent to me, as I know you do yours too!

  2. Very, very cool - wonderful to receive such a sweet surprise in the mail!

  3. A wonderfull mail post, Lenna,
    and so great and joyfull, recieving unexpected.
    Have a lovely day, dear.

  4. Love your envelope. It's cool how he lettered your name, and I like that he cut out the little papercuts animals from the Lunar New Year stamp sheet. It also reminded me that I think I have some of those brownie stamps!

  5. What a lovely treat - surprise mail art!


  6. Lenna your mail post is really wonderful, what a great idea.



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