Saturday, January 22, 2011

a hat in Florida?

Why yes! Sometimes it is cold enough and often it is windy enough to want a hat, especially on a walk that goes along the water. I have always crocheted a little bit and a few years ago found a pattern for a hat that I could manage.  Sometimes I just want to be doing something, especially something creative, when sitting in front of the fire at my parents (yes, in Florida!) or waiting in the Dr's office, or sitting in the passenger's seat on the way to the airport . . . it feels good to be working on something.

Here is my latest hat!

The ruffled edge I made up.
I had done a number of plain edged ones and was happy my idea worked!
I did the same stitch, but all in one chain about 5 times and repeated so it bunched up.

fun stuff!
You know we are getting wimpy here - 40 feels really cold!!!
stay warm wherever you are! 


  1. Well I am just south of you by about two hours and you ain't kiddin''s cold here too and very windy..I'll be on the beach with two dogs, and I'll be wearin' a hat too !
    62 windy degrees on FMB

  2. Well, you have me smiling this morning, Lenna. So cold you need a hat... and it is -8°C outside here and I wish I was in Florida...

  3. Beautiful hat! I love hats in summer and winter. And here it is really cold and we have snow!!!!!


  4. Lenna, it is so cute, and you looks sweet with it on your cold head. Also it seems to sit tight and warm-- a problem I think, alwayes seems to fly around my head!!!after a few uses :)

    Happy sunday-Dorthe

  5. Beautiful hat, I love those colours, and that ruffle makes it so special! Well done, you.


  6. I LOVE this hat, it looks so organic, almost like you grew it...well, I guess you kind of did that in a metaphorical manner!!!

    Anyway, you look so cozy & pretty in it.....stay warm!!

  7. oh my goodness that hat is so adorable-I love the ruffled edge. Learning to knit and crochet are on my 2011 list of things I'd like to do!

  8. it's a glorious hat, Lenna and looks great on. Love that ruffled edge!



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