Monday, January 3, 2011

Dallas and Liz

My son and his fiancĂ©e are here visiting from Italy!
Dallas loves climbing trees, he always has.
He just could not resist the huge ones in our yard!
click to view 

I think Liz is used to Dallas doing this . . . .
they tell me their first kiss was in a tree!

They will be married October 1st, 2011

That's my Dallas : ^ ))

It is so fun to have them here! 
We've got them till Thursday, then they fly back to Liz's parents.
From Maryland they fly to Trieste, Italy on Saturday
and ready (kind of, they say!) to teach the kids on Monday
It's been a whirlwind trip for them
I am so grateful they could spend a few days here . . .
: ) proud mama lenna


  1. Glad you could spend some time with your son and his love.
    And your sketch book looks fascinating.

  2. He looks very much at home in your tree, Lenna! I'm sure you will all be having a great time together while they are with you. Enjoy!

  3. So glad they got there safely, looks like they're having a great time!



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