Monday, January 31, 2011

new book arts workshop starts soon!

and yes, I have been busy writing lessons! 
This is a peek into one of my page spreads for my Altered Book lessons -
part of: Artful Pages - 4 Artists 4 Ways which begins on February 20th.

I have been writing & writing and very soon, I will be busy teaching a collaborative book arts class, online with 3 other wonderful artists: 
Mary Green, Hope Wallace Karney and Lisa McIlvain. We will be covering different aspects of book arts -Vintage Gluebooks, Art Journaling, Altered Fabric Pages and Altered Books. These new lessons will unfold February 20th - March 18th, with one artist teaching each week, sharing 3 lessons that week. As part of the class there will also be a Flickr group for the students. There you can share the art you create as you move through all the lessons. Your instructors and fellow classmates can comment on it, and in my experience, the flickr group is a friendly, caring and nurturing environment where you can definitely feel safe to share your art. I've always learned a lot and been inspired in the other classes I took that were organized this same way by Mary Green of Green Paper. (She's organizing this new workshop too!) The 4 artists 4 ways password protected blog where the lessons are posted, will stay open indefinitely - giving you plenty of time to work on the lessons at your own pace. You can actually join the class at anytime! The cost is only $40 for 12 fabulous lessons taught by 4 different artists. Go to the Artful pages: 4 Artists 4 Ways blog to learn more about what we will be offering and to sign up. It is only a few more weeks till we begin!

I can't wait to share what I've been making with you -
and how I did it, of course! : ^ )

I also can't wait to read Mary, Hope and Lisa's lessons & learn new things -this will be a great class. I hope to see you there, I'd love to have your support! There are already a whole bunch of students signed up and in the Flickr group. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green Paper Collage Club

Here is what I did with the second set of prompts and images my friend Mary Green gave us during the month of January as part of the Green Paper Collage Club! This club is a lot of fun and has just enough for me to do, but not too much. Images, ideas, prompts and exercises come right into your email inbox on the first and third Sundays of the month. I did this spread below, which focuses on the use of faces, in my small moleskine notebook that I started in Mary's Vintage Gluebook class.

The image of the woman which was provided in the Collage Club email, was printed on to semi-transparent vellum paper. I laid this image of the woman on top of a piece of ledger paper I printed out that Mary also provided. If you look closely (click for detail) you'll see some numbers and words like 'bread' and 'eggs' on her skin! I never really thought so much about the effects and impact faces can have in a collage until I did this lesson. I love how the woman really seems to be gazing off towards the snowy cabin. The black trim around the snowy scene is a French Border German Scrap border I found at Collage Stuff. Great stuff!!

You can join GPCC at anytime and for just one month at a time if you like! I find it well worth the nominal fee. There is a button in the side bar to take you there, or use the ink at the top of this post. Now I am off to share my work in the flickr group and see what else has been uploaded since I have been there last. It is always an inspiring group!! (thanks, Mary-love this idea!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mail art, happy day

Lucky, lucky me!!

Today's mail brought me this wonderful mail art envelope. Isn't it so cool?? A huge thanks to Dave Dube' of Old Paper Art for creating this envelope and sending it to me. I have not received mail art just for the sake of mail art for a while. It's so much fun to receive! I hosted a mail art swap recently, but Dave's mail art was unexpected and simply delightful! It seems that Dave found Mary Green's blog, Green Paper and saw my work there. He viewed some of the art I was doing for Mary's challenges and wrote in a note he enclosed in the above envelope, "I really liked a number of your Vintage pieces. Creative!!"

Awww . . . that is so sweet. I wonder if Dave knew I was a little ga-ga for Mail Art too? And did he somehow know that I love "Brownies"? I have an entire drawer-ful of Brownie stamps (the little guy running with the envelope above). I love how Dave copied my Google profile photo & made it into a faux postage stamp for me. Just so cool. I really appreciate that you sent this wonderful envelope to me, Dave! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

another little quilt swap

* Water (on my mind) - A Journal Quilt for an exchange * 

Kate North is hosting a Journal Quilt swap called, Another Little Quilt Swap 5. I signed up for this exchange because it was a small Journal Quilt size swap and all types of quilts were welcomed. I am not a traditional or even contemporary quilter, but I love making small arty mixed media quilts or quilties. I have hosted lots of quiltie swaps and even have a tutorial on my teaching site on how to make quilties -check it out here!

My journal quilt is an exploration of the colour blue and the theme of water. As I said, I am not a quilter but more of a mixed media artist who loves fabric! My idea for this challenge/exchange was to work with shades of blue and the feeling that water brings to mind. I gathered various leftover pieces of cotton, some I had painted myself on the banks of a river, on the left side of the piece - and a portion of an old silk shirt that looked like water on the right side.

gathering fabrics
I ripped and snipped pieces of fabric to fit the 8 1/2" X 11" size, first pinned them and then stitched them together using various machine stitches to a piece of batting. Here is a photo diary of my process.

getting started

 - making sure it fit the required size -

One of my main stitches was a large wavy one that I used across the piece.
Click on any photo for more details.

first stitches 

adding fabrics

To embellish the journal quilt I added a line of mini mosaics in blue and 2 pieces of blue sea glass, attached to the fabric with extra strong glue. I also hand sewed on iridescent sequins and tiny seed beads. To finish my journal quilt I sewed a piece of watery light blue fabric to the back by stitching around the edges of the quilt.

hand stitching details

The finished journal quilt - 8-1/2" x 11"

A scan for details . . . click to see more.

It was a lot of fun, thank you Kate!
Kate is in process of posting all the photos of the Journal quilts HERE. After January 31st, we will email her with a list of our 10 favorite quilts and she will match us up with a partner to mail to and receive from. : )
This is a great way to run a swap - i love it! 
I was challenged and it was fun to work on a quiltie again.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

a hat in Florida?

Why yes! Sometimes it is cold enough and often it is windy enough to want a hat, especially on a walk that goes along the water. I have always crocheted a little bit and a few years ago found a pattern for a hat that I could manage.  Sometimes I just want to be doing something, especially something creative, when sitting in front of the fire at my parents (yes, in Florida!) or waiting in the Dr's office, or sitting in the passenger's seat on the way to the airport . . . it feels good to be working on something.

Here is my latest hat!

The ruffled edge I made up.
I had done a number of plain edged ones and was happy my idea worked!
I did the same stitch, but all in one chain about 5 times and repeated so it bunched up.

fun stuff!
You know we are getting wimpy here - 40 feels really cold!!!
stay warm wherever you are! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Altered Book pages

Behind the scenes, I have been slightly obsessed with working on a sample altered book for the newly announced collaborative workshop called, Artful Pages - 4 artists 4 ways. This obsession is a good thing though, as I generally need to gather a lot of supplies, produce a lot of pages, take a lot of photographs and then glean through everything in order to create top-notch lessons for my workshops. I've learned this is the way I work and my students agree . . .
“I must say this was an excellent class. The lessons were incredibly prepared, well written and extremely helpful photos. I don't think I'll ever journal the same way, ever again." ~ Anne St. Louis in Canada
(Open the Door Photo-Art Journal workshop)

So, I believe I'm on the right track! Registration is already open for Artful Pages - 4 artists 4 ways. Lessons will begin February 20th and will run "live" through March 18th. You'll get one week with each artist teaching 3 lessons during the week - 12 lessons in total on art journaling, vintage gluebooks, altered books and altered fabric books -wow! Let me show you what I've been working on for my lessons on Artful altered book pages.

This is my sample book. It's only 4" x 6"in size,
 and about 100 years old. I have been wanting to alter it for a long time. 

The other day I worked on gel-medium transfers which is part of  what I will teach you in lesson 3. I had some successful transfers which I loved . . .

and some that were NOT successful! This is the way it goes with gel-medium transfers sometimes . . . 

Don't worry, I will show you how to recover from any unsuccessful transfers in lesson 3!! Of course, I'll also show you how to utilize the successful ones:

My lessons will delve into altered books - how to get started, cover the pages with inks, paper & paints, use rubber stamps, papers and ephemera to create a very personal altered book. Oh, did I mention photographs?? Of course you could use vintage images instead, but if you would like to use your own photographs on your altered pages, I am right there with you. My theme was 'family' and I must say I have really gotten into it. I will have a real treasure of an altered book by the time the workshop is complete! You will be given lots of inspiration, step-by-step instruction, tons of samples and ideas. It will be fun! 

my grandfather, mother & father 

I would love to see you enjoying this wonderful online workshop with me, Mary, Hope and Lisa -
Sure hope you'll go sign up now!
See you in class and on the flickr group! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

new class: Artful Pages - 4 artists 4 ways!

I am so proud to announce a collaborative teaching project that I'm involved in! It's an online class held February 20th - March 18th called: Artful Pages - 4 artists 4 ways. This course combines 4 different kinds of book arts: art journaling, altered fabric pages, altered books, and vintage gluebooks. The artists teaching and their blogs are: Hope Wallace Karney, Lisa McIlvain, Lenna Young Andrews and Mary Green. Whoo whoo!

Here's a taste of what the course will cover . . .

Art Journaling:
* with Hope Wallace Karney *
Musings on Paper with Hope Wallace Karney - Make beautiful timeless spreads while learning some fun ways to continue journaling after class is over. Hope will even go over how she creates her beautiful letters, in hopes that you explore your own writing and unique ways to use it in your spreads.

 Altered fabric pages:
* with Lisa McIlvain *
Altered Fabric Books with Lisa McIlvain - Create a theme, find an inspiration piece and turn it into a story. Lisa will show you how to select elements from both your stash & the hobby store. Then you’ll move into layers and textures, how to transfer & transform vintage papers and copied images that can be sewn & bound into your journal. Also, how to how to make and use resin papers & combine them with images on muslin.

Altered Books
* with Lenna Young Andrews *
Artful Altered Book Pages with Lenna Young Andrews - Designed especially for those who would like to get started or for those who want to renew their interest in altered books, lessons include how to abandon your fear and get started, how to prepare your pages in a variety of ways and how to add ephemera, family photos and more, to personalize your pages and give them greater meaning.

Vintage Gluebooks
* with Mary Green *
Vintage Gluebooks with Mary Green - Elegantly simple, Vintage Gluebooks are created using only scissors, paper and glue! These lessons are filled with composition lessons and shortcuts, and help on creating your own vintage paper collections for your art. Mary has taught me so much!

By taking Artful pages you'll enjoy 3 full lessons each week with a different artist each week over the 4 weeks. One registration gets you the entire class, with all 4 styles and all 12 lessons. We’re using the blog format for this online class and you can access the blog at your convenience. Simply save the blog address to your favorites and use the class log-on and password to visit anytime. The blog will be open indefinitely; you’ll have lots of time to do and review. The course begins on February 20, 2011. Registration is open now, and just $40 for the entire 4 week course.
Check it out here: Artful Pages - 4 artists 4 ways. 

It's going to be great!! : ^ ) 

Friday, January 14, 2011

sketchbook project finished and sent

I finished my sketchbook and sent it off to New York earlier this week! This is for the Art House co-op's Sketchbook 2011 project. I decided I wanted to upload all my pages here on my blog, in a row, as I did them so I would have a record of my entire project here. If you have been following along, there are some new pages I have not shared until now at the bottom of the post. You can click on any scan for more details.

I mailed my sketchbook 1-11-11 !!

My theme: This is not a sketchbook  : ^  )

intro page - I added color to it before sending it off
It was plainer, if you saw it previously

journaling - I have not really done an art journal before .  . .


. . . This is my favorite page in the whole journal . . .
Working with strips was an inspiration from Mary Green

journaling about some of what we went through to move to Florida

I journaled about my mom, Steven and Frieda . . . 

Steven's boat refinishing worked it's way into my journaling!

This is our new home, shown on the left

Art Challenges - this one for Michelle Ward

Mary Green's influence on my art again  : ^ ) I love it!

More exercises, a class I was taking with Mary
this page made the home page of the Art House co-op site

I look at this and say, 'my wild collage style'
I do like it

my friend Sharon Borsavage did the tall tower of art on the left -

I had fun layering, stamping and cutting pages

my mother, myself

I'd say this is true 'lenna art' -almost messy collage style

one of Mary's Collage Club exercises

getting ready to let this journal FLY!!

wrapping it up!

I have so enjoyed sharing this project with you.
Thanks for all your support, all your comments, and all your love!