Thursday, December 16, 2010

sunshine again

The temperature has dropped to 50 degrees F now (10 C) where we are in Florida, but earlier today it must have climbed to 65 degrees and more importantly, the sun was shining. Mmmmmm! This felt wonderful after welcoming in a brisk 38 degrees F (3 C) the other morning. Plus we've had many days in a row of wearing socks, sweaters, sweatshirts and jean jackets -sometimes all at once. I know we are spoiled with those temperatures and I know many of you are feeling a lot colder and snowier!! Brrrrr! But Florida is not supposed to be quite this cold!

I took the photo above today in that 65 degree sunshine and am pretty pleased with it. I have been trying to learn a bit about my husband Steve's Olympus SP-510 camera that I inherited when my camera got dunked in our canoe 'splash' last summer. I am grateful to have his camera, but you know how it is to learn new things when you are used to something else -it can be hard! So, I had been shooting photos only on automatic. I changed that today. I chose a "scene" and used the close-up macro setting. I like how it made the background a bit blurry and the flowers stand out more. I have much to learn about photography. I am using blipfoto to help me, thanks to Frieda! Blipfoto is a daily photo journal. While I have not added a photo every day, I do have a little collection going! You can view my journal here. It's fun.

Today I also met up with my new friend Susan, who lives nearby. I shared with her some of the many mail art envelopes that participants were so kind to send me through the mail art swap I hosted on creative swaps. Susan was in the swap, saw many of these envelopes online, and now she got to see them in person. She is so cute!
Susan holding Sarah Boblit's envelope

It is quite the stack of mail art!! 
I truly appreciate it -Thank you all!

Stay warm & cozy -I'm sending you some Florida sunshine : )


  1. Your temps still sound warm to me - we are below freezing and I wake up every morning to fresh snow - I can't remember a winter that has brought this amount of snow this early. Stay warm!

  2. Hi Lenna,
    oh yes ,here it is cold-we can barely get out from snow- and it is freezing!!!
    Just came by to wish you a merry christmas, dear-and a happy new year.

  3. Always an adventure to share art and lunch with you, Lenna!! Glad I was wearing one of my favorite colors (p*u*r*p*l*e) for this photo. And.... so lucky to have been able to see everyone's mail art in person. The good vibes (to borrow a phrase from an earlier era) that surround each piece are like a tonic for my inner artist.
    Touching brings another sense into play and deepens experience.

  4. Stunning photo, Lenna - well done for getting out of auto mode!

    Lucky you to have someone so near to you that understands art:0) Looks like you girls had lots of fun.

    Wrap up warm.


    ps I'm definitely going to do your new swap, just haven't got round to sorting it out yet!

  5. How onderful to have a friend closeby to share art! I would love to be looking thru that stack of mail!
    Beautiful photo Lenna! Yes, consider yourself lucky with your temps, 11 degrees here this morning. I always feel your sunshine though!

  6. Just looking at the beautiful flower makes me feel warmer already (that and the scarf you knitted me last year!)
    So happy you're getting to grips with Steven' s camera! And you seem to getting to grips with it very well indeed.

  7. love all the fun envelopes - I hate to use the ones you made me!LOL


    50°?? 50°

    I'm not sure I like you anymore.

    It's 12° here today.



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